ANOCA Reinstated Disqualified Candidates In Time To Contest But Lost, Except Gambian Who Voluntarily Withdrew

ANOCA reinstated disqualified candidates in time to contest but lost, except Gambian who voluntarily withdrew

The two of the candidates, who had earlier been disqualified from contesting election, were reinstated just in time to participate in the ANOCA election even though they failed to win.

ANOCA held its 17th Ordinary (Elective) General Assembly in Djibouti, from May 8 to May 11.

The candidates were disqualified for the indebtedness of their NOCs to ANOCA.

The Statutes prescribes that the sponsoring NOCs, must ensure they were financial standing to sponsor candidates.

However, the third candidate, Gambian ABOU WADDA Ousma, who sought to contest the Treasurer-General position after consultation, decided to withdraw for Nigeria’s Habu Gumel.

“I considered him a senior brother, whose country has good fraternal disposition to my country,’’ he explained.

However, the debtor NOCs had pleaded that they did not receive invoices they rely on to remit their affiliation fees.

Two of the three lost, apparently because the time they could have spent canvassing for votes, they ploughed into fighting to be reinstated.

Even though 26 countries were owing; they offered reasons that were though not convincing but the executive committee gave them the benefit of doubt.

One of the protesting NOCs, claimed that they did not receive the invoices that were sent via email but had never complained of failing to receive invitations passed usually via the internet for meetings.

While appreciable number received the information to attend the meeting, a few said they did not receive the invoices for payment of affiliation fees.

It was acknowledged that 26 was a significant number to be left off the voting.

Soon after a decision was reached to accept their money to enable them to vote, a good many rushed to update their financial status, leaving only about 10 that eventually could not settle their outstanding.

A members whipped, “is it not ironical that they did not receive the invoice but received information to be in Djibouti.

“Those information were communicated via the same channel’’.

“In an election year, candidates must not take chances. They should have ensured they were up to date, financially,’’ noted Mirian Moyo, President of Zambian Olympic Committee.

She was not happy that Gideon Sam endorsed to seek the 1st Vice-President position did not take steps to have update their financial status.

“This is a lesson we must take home from this election and the zone as well, so that next time in backing a candidate from our zone, we have to ask relevant questions,’’ she added.

It was gathered that many had hoped to pay on arrival and yet a few try to see if they have funds to collect from ANOCA to use it to offset their indebtedness.

It was gathered that one of the countries whose president was a vocal critics of ANOCA, his NOC was a  “serial’ debtor” as his country had yet to offset their indebtedness over the last five to six years. ##

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