AIPS Congress Elects Executive Committee For New 4-Year Term

On the final day of the 80th AIPS Congress, elections were held for the new four year term of the Executive Committee (2017- 2021).

AIPS President, Italian Gianni Merlo was re-elected for what will be his fourth term, having run for the position of President unopposed.

Esat |Yilmaer from Turkey was re-elected for the position of first Vice-President, while Jura Ozmec from Croatia was elected unopposed to take over the position of AIPS Treasurer from Austria’s Michael Kuhn.

The newly elected AIPS Executive Committee is as follows:

President: Gianni Merlo (Italy)

First Vice-President: Esat Yilmaer (Turkey)

Treasurer: Jura Ozmec (Croatia)

Vice-Presidents: Evelyn Watta (Kenya), Nikolai Dologopolov (Russia), Ioannis Daras (Greece), Hiji Al Mohammed (Qatar), AIPS- Africa President Mitchel Obi (Nigeria), AIPS America President Gabriel Cazenave (Paraguay), AIPS Europe President Charles Camnezuli (Malta)

Morad Moutaouakki  (Morroco), Evlyn Watta (Kenya), Mitchell Obi (AIPS-Africa) President


Seyed Abdolhamid Ahmadi (Iran), Zsuzsa Csisztu (Hungary), Vicente Dattoli (Brazil), Emanuel Fantaneanu (Romania), Hee Don Jung (Korea), Ahmadi Kawari Isa (Malaysia), Josef Langer (Austria), Amjad Amzaz Malik (Pakistan), Morad Moutaouakkil (Morocco), Juan Antonio Prieto (Spain), Jean Paul Savart (France). Hiroshi Takeuchi (Japan), Joze Zidar (Slovenia). ##

culled from AIPS website

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