First in Africa, Nigeria Leads List of Expatriate Footballers

The Switzerland-based CIES Football Observatory has listed Nigeria as number one footballer exporting country in Africa and the ninth in the world.

The organization, in its 25th edition of monthly reports, analysed the presence of expatriate footballers in 137 leagues of 93 countries of the world.

According to the report, the leagues were selected according to their level of development as well as the possibility to access reliable information on squad members.

The report has it that Brazil exported more footballers to other leagues. The study reports that there were 1,202 Brazilian footballers in other countries’ leagues.

The Brazilians are followed by France with 781 exports and Argentina with 753. The nationals of those countries make up 22.7% of total number of expatriate footballers.

Nigeria leads the pack in Africa as the study gave the number of registered Nigerian footballers in Europe as 292, followed by Ghana, 236. Ghana is ranked 13th in the world among footballers’ exporters.

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