FIFA Explains Cameroon/Chile Goals Situations

Following the controversy generated by the second goal which Chile scored in the 2-0 win over Cameroon in Sundays Confederations Cup match, FIFA has offered an explanation on the situations.

Sports Village Square gathered from the world football governing body that the Video Assistance Referee (VAR) was used to judge two situations in the match.

It remarked that the goal in the first half was not given “due to offside position of the player Eduardo Vargas as judged by Video Assistance Referee”.

But in the second half, the goal was “given as player Alexis Sánchez not in offside position as judged by Video Assistance Referee”.

Sports Village Square recalls a similar situation in the Nigeria versus France Round of 16 World Cup match on June 30, 2014 when Nigeria’s Victor Moses retrieved a goal-bound ball from the touchline. It was the Video Assistant Referee that ruled the ball as a ‘no-goal’.

FIFA explains further that the Video Assistant Referee merely support the decision making process of referees. “They are used in the four game-changing situations and provide minimum interference with maximum benefit”.

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