Libyan Premier League returns after 2 year suspension

August 16 – After two years of suspension, the Libyan Premier League kicked off yesterday (Tuesday) with four matches successfully completed, albeit without spectators officially attending.

At the Misrata Stadium, Alittihad Misurata SC (Misrata) hosted Olympic Azzaweya of Zawiya in a game which ended in a 0-0 draw.

In Tripoli’s Janzour Academy Stadium, Al-Tarsana (Arsenal) hosted Al-Gurdabiya winning 2-0.

At Tarhouna Stadium, Al-Khums beat Rafiq Sorman 2-0.

At Al-Andalus stadium, Al-Andalus Tobruk recorded a 1-0 win against Nojom Ajdabiya.

The Libyan Football Federation has divided the League into four groups based on geographical area with the top team from each group qualifying for a final round.

The previous two seasons had to be suspended due to the overall security situation in the country.

Not long ago, Libya was the richest country in Africa based on GDP per head. However, since the 2011 intervention the country has been divided into rival fiefdoms and has seen a near total collapse of its infrastructure and economy – such that the Libya FF faces what the local press describes as “numerous challenges” in sustaining the whole of the 2017/18 season.

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