ASHGABAT 2017 ; 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games To be Hosted By Turkmenistan

By Ritah Aliguma

As the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games come closer,Turkmenistan celebrates Day of the melon in an extra ordinary way.  A unique holiday in honor of the “queen” of melon plantation was celebrated a longside the Gala concert on the occasion of 30 days countdown  to the kick off of the Asian games.

The  celebration ciphered  the erection of yellow pyramids of ” fruits”, mountains of watermelons, decorating not only the markets, but also the squares of the capital and centers of the country to expose a variety and the most unusual forms of melons, appreciate the sweetness and aromatic power of the Turkmen melon and immerse Oneself in the festival atmosphere of radiant summer holiday, at which everyone is a welcome guest including those who came from across the world.

This special event was glamoured with art exhibitions,Concerts and performances in the Olympic Village was graced by  Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov(the sports loving President of Turkmenistan). All celebrations were dedicated to the queen of melon field, as well as a celebration ahead of the special  Asian games to start from 17-27th September.

Turkmenistan is the first Country in the Central Asian region to host the Asian indoor and Martial Arts Games in a unique Olympic Complex come the 17th -27th September 2017 and the residents can’t wait to witness the games at a special Olympic Complex.

There are many varieties of melons and the most popular are, of course, “vakharman” from Murghab valley, lebap “gulyabi”, dashoguz “gurbeki”, akhal “garrygys”, fragrant fruits, grown on dry lands of Balkan,they number in 400 only in domestic breeding.They exist in different forms,flavour,sugar content,period of growth and pulp density.

Paradisiacal fruits were a worthy decoration of the tables of emperors, padishahs and sultans. Today domestic breeders – melon growers continue to work on breeding new varieties, carefully saving all the best that was created by our people for millennia.

The song displays country’s unique culture,  and  words and music of this work express the heightened sense of pride and happiness experienced by million of Turkmenistan’s citizens as per one Citizen.

The Olympic square, where guests were given VIP treatment was lit to greatness and one would think it’s special Christmas.The Gala concert that marked 30 days to the major games attracted several artists, with the country Presidents Major song titled “Go forward,  Only Forward, Homeland Turkmenistan”, which is the Anthem for the games.

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