Turkmenistan Enjoys Gold Rush In Belt Wrestling

Turkmenistan won an amazing 13 gold medals in Belt Wrestling at the Ashgabat 2017 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games on Tuesday.

Lacyn Badaglyyewa (TKM) won the first gold on a glorious day for the host nation at the Main Indoor Arena, triumphing in the women’s -50kg final on a clear technical advantage after a tight 4-4 bout with Shakhzoda Ergasheva (UZB)

Zarina Abdyrahmaowa (TKM) won the women’s 55kg final against Zahra Yazdanicherati (IRI), pushing the score to 7-2 before being declared the winner on technical advantage.

Zuhra Madraimowa (TKM) took an early lead against Roza Taspulatowa (TKM) in their -63kg showdown, holding her opponent at bay to close out the bout at 7-0 and take the gold.

Nasiba Surkiyewa (TKM) added a fourth gold her team’s harvest of the day in the -70kg fight, scooping up her third gold at Ashgabat 2017, defeating Perizat Zhakypbekova (KAZ) 8-0.

Dinara Hallyyewa added a fifth gold medal for the host nation’s female belt wrestlers by taking the -65kg title.

In the men’s -55kg competition, Malik Annabayew (TKM) scored a point against Tagantac Guycmammedow (TKM) but the latter fought back with a series of takedowns to win the gold with 6-1.

Arslan Asyrgeldiyew (TKM) made short work of Agageldi Tagandurdyyew (TKM) in the men’s -60kg final, winning 5-0 by putting his compatriot’s back to the canvas.

In the men’s -65kg, Tirkisgeldi Ayazow’s (TKM) attempts to keep Begenc Yagmyrow (TKM) at bay were in vain and the latter took the gold with a decisive 7-0 victory.

Yagsymyrat Annamyradow (TKM) tumbled Husnidin Ruziev (UZB) twice in the -70kg match to notch up a 7-0 win and to add another gold to the Turkmen spoils.

In the -80kg showdown, Ruslan Tavaldiev (KGZ) edged ahead of Silapberdi Nuryyew (TKM) before the Turkmen caught up and then floored his rival to make it 3-1 and clinch the gold.

Arslan Ybrayymgulyyew (TKM) took the initiative immediately in -90kg against Yersultan Muzapparov (KAZ) for a series of swift takedowns, but the Kazakh fought back, narrowing the gap at 5-2 until the Turkmen moved in for the kill and floored him definitively, winning the gold with a 10-2 victory.

In the -100kg final, Seydi Batyrow (TKM) won gold with a 4-1 victory over his countryman Hosgeldi Hanayew (TKM), before Turkmenistan’s last gold of the day went to +100kg fighter Myrat Jumayew, who chalked up a 5-0 victory with a clean takedown of Sherzodjon Rakhimov (UZB).

Source ; ashgabat2017.com

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