Zambia: FAZ Speaks Out On Demands for Appeal

FAZ will not appeal the outcome of the match against Nigeria, spokesperson Desmond Katongo has announced.

PRESS STATEMENT (For Immediate Release)

FAZ will not appeal Augustine’s goal

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has taken note of the widespread demands by the football family that it lodges a complaint with FIFA over midfielder Augustine Mulenga’s disallowed goal during Saturday’s 2018 Russia World Cup qualifier against Nigeria.

In arriving at a decision over the matter, FAZ has been guided by the provisions of the FIFA Statutes that stipulate the procedure and possible outcomes for any complaint lodged.

Article 15.6 of the FIFA rules states that a referee’s decision cannot be overturned unless there is clear evidence of external influence. Furthermore, FIFA regulations clearly states that the referee’s decision is final.

FIFA is obliged to overturn the decision if it is discovered that there was external match manipulation that could have influenced the referee’s decision not to allow the goal.

In the absence of evidence for external manipulation of the referee’s decision in Saturday’s match, FAZ will rely on the report filed by the match commissioner and referees’ assessors in seeking justice.

FAZ is mindful of comparisons drawn between the South Africa and Senegal case with the match Zambia played against Nigeria, but notes that the replay for the former was ordered due to evidence of match manipulation related to betting.

“According to the disciplinary decision of 15 March 2017, which took into consideration a sporting analysis of the match as well as reports of irregular betting activities from various international betting monitoring companies, none of the member associations were involved in the manipulation of the match’s result,” states the ruling of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

It is also worth acknowledging that FAZ risks being fined for filling a complaint without providing sufficient evidence that the game was externally manipulated.

We hope this clarifies the matter.


Desmond Katongo


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