Papua New Guinea’s Luigie John mentoring PNG Games Officials

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Inspired by his relatives, Luigie John went from playing local competition basketball to picking up the whistle and staring his journey as a referee.

Since this humble beginning, John has gone on to become one the countries best referees. Having participated in four FIBA Oceania events, a Pacific Games and multiple PNG Games in the last three years alone, John is one of Oceania’s up and coming potential FIBA referees.

The PNG Games launched John’s refereeing career in 2014, he has now returned in 2017 to mentor the Games officials.

The PNG Games is a grassroots competition where referees travel from many different provinces. This is a great opportunity for Luigie to share his knowledge with all different areas of PNG and leave a legacy for other referees in his country.

“Luigie has participated in a number of Oceania events and participated in multiple FIBA referee workshops, it’s great to see him passing on this knowledge to his fellow countrymen and women,” said FIBA in Oceania Development Manager, Annie La Fleur. “Being an on-court leader is something that he has been working on so stepping into this role is fantastic for his development.”

Officials have traveled from villages and provinces all over Papua New Guinea for the PNG Games

During the event, Luigie has been offering general advice to local referees but also conducted a referee clinic to go over the fundamentals of refereeing and how each participant can get to the next level.

“When referees, players or coaches give back like Luigie has done during the PNG Games the entire sport of basketball benefits,” added La Fleur. “Luigie’s efforts will help to further grow the sport throughout Papua New Guinea. It is great to see and hopefully, this type of activity will continue throughout our region.”



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