AIPS Europe President Charles Camenzuli and Romanian Olympic Committee President Mihai Covaliu hold meeting in Bucharest

BUCHAREST, November 29, 2017 – Present in Bucharest for the Anniversary Gala “APS 90 years” of the Romanian Sports Press Association, under the patronage of the Royal House and in partnership with the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, was the President of AIPS Europe and AIPS Vice-president, Charles Camenzuli (Malta) who was received by Mihai Covaliu, president of the Romanian Olympic Committee. The meeting was also attended by Emanuel Fantaneanu, AIPS Executive Committee Member, and Dumitru Graur, AIPS Europe Executive Committee Member and president of NSJA Romania.

The President of the Romanian Olympic Committee, Mihai Covaliu, is a well-known Romanian sports personalities, former Olympic fencing champion (Sydney 2000) and bronze (Beijing 2008), world champion (2005), coach of the Romanian men’s sabre team and president of the Romanian Fencing Federation. “I remember, I was present at the press tribune in the sabre finals in Sydney, where you won the gold medal against Mathieu Gourdain (France). There were moments that I will never forget. And, especially, that explosion of joy at the end. Absolutely unforgettable…” Charles Camenzuli said after the friendly welcome from Covaliu.

Mihai Covaliu highlighted how he is very close to sports press, and understands the role and great potential of media to support and promote the sport and performers. ”As a former athlete, now as president of the Olympic Committee particularly appreciated the sporting press. Without it, we would not have been known. Therefore, there is a close collaboration with Sport Press Association, with sports journalists. With the benefit of both sides…”

In turn, Charles Camenzuli stressed the great importance of cooperation between Olympic Committee, all sports organizations and media. “The mission of Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practiced without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play. And these are not just words in the Olympic Charter. And these principia are identical to those promoted by the media. Therefore it is very important this collaboration. We, at level of AIPS and AIPS Europe we have a very good cooperation with the IOC, ANOC and other members of the Olympic movement. That’s why we appreciate her very good cooperation between the Romanian Olympic Committee and Sports Press Association, really for the benefit of both parties. Especially, Romania sport press has two representatives – Mr. Emanuel Fantaneanu and Mr. Dumitru Graur – in the governing bodies of International (AIPS) and European (AIPS Europe) press. This is a chance to raise and expand the collaboration between us and Romanian sports.

“I am aware that this position is a huge responsibility, given the representation of sports in the Olympics. The world of sports change every days, the world of media change permanent. We must work together for increase the education by sports, to help the young in his way to high performances. I remember, the word that I ended my presentation when I was elected president was “together”, because only together it is possible to succeed and pave the way to the success. I assure you of my respect and I promise that I will be the first to respond when you request help…” Mihai Covaliu said.

AIPS and its continental sections have for many years developed a series of programs and projects, especially for young reporters, including organizing seminars on various topics of particular interest for the world of sport and of the press between international and national federations, in cooperation with the IOC and different Olympic Committees. “This work could mean a meeting point between Olympic Committee and our sport press organizations, a way to fruitful cooperation,” added Charles Camenzuli. “We are open to any collaboration that promotes the Olympic sport, the all sport, contributing to its development, strengthen its all respects. Certainly, in the next period, as we discussed with President Gianni Merlo, together with Press Sport Association and Romanian Olympic Academy, we seek to realize joint programs of broad national and international interest. And roll of media is very important for us”, Mihai Covaliu concluded.

Discussions on a number of other topics were held in a friendly atmosphere. I mentioned earlier that President AIPS Europe was in the press tribune when Mihai Covaliu won the Olympic gold medal in 2000. He came now “armed” at this meeting not with a “sabre” but with the… photos from that memorable moment. And before “goodbye”, Mihai Covaliu gave autographs on those famous photos of victory.

Afterwards, the AIPS Europe President presented Michael Covaliu with a Plaque of Honor

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