Media Accreditation for 2018 WAFU B WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP opened

WAFU B have opened media accreditation applications for the 2018 WAFU B WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP to be held in COTE D’IVOIRE from 14th to 24th February 2018. The competition which involves the women national teams of 8 West Africa countries namely GHANA ,COTED’IVOIRE (host ), SENEGAL (invited ) NIGER NIGERIA, BENIN ,TOGO and BURKINA FASO will be staged in Abidjan Journalists interested in travelling to COTE D’IVOIRE for the competition which starts on 14th February 2018 to report on the matches are required to apply for the media accreditation.

The written press, radio, television and photographers are required to express interest by sending their personal information to apply. Applicants are also required to attach a digital passport picture to their e-mails. Reporters or journalists interested in applying must send the information below: Name: Media Outfit: Nationality: Designation: (State where written press, radio and tv reporter or photographer) Please don’t forget to add your digital passport picture. All applications should be sent to the email Please note that the last day to apply is February 09th at 5 p.m.. No applications will be accepted after this date.

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