Mitchell Obi Admonishes Journalists To Distant Themselves From Unregistered Confederation of Africa Sports Press

AIPS AFRICA President Mitchell Obi has advised all member national sports journalists association and sports federations to distance and disassociate themselves from an unregistered group that calls itself Confederation of Africa Sports Press.

In a lunch meeting for the sports media held at hotel Sofitel yesterday in Casablanca, Obi said the characters behind this attempt were ”undefined self seeking individuals using the cloak of football writers and the cover of an unsuspecting CAF leadership to perpetuate their mercantile designs. ”

Taking a cue from the AIPS President Gianni Merlo who in a letter warned the CAF president Ahmad on the dangers ahead of padding such initiative, the continental president said he was not aware of any crisis or situation in its fold that will provoke the formation of any group that intends to duplicate the core mission of the 94 year old AIPS. ‘I think that the intentions are not honest and they are unmistakeably geared towards defrauding and deceiving passionate sports institutions and stakeholders who hold tight to the power of media in adding value and promotion. And this no doubt includes CAF whose presidential media adviser is a frontline leader and participant in this divisive tendency.

” For this the AIPS AFRICA president who recently got reelected in Nairobi, kenya advised sports federations across the continent as well as national sports journalists association to be on the watch with a view to reacting appropriately. AIPS AFRICA, he insisted at the full house in Sofitel.” will always condemn with vehemence any act of rascality that detracts and dilutes its independence of thoughts and expression, its high ethical strength and its consistent drive for a united sports media voice for good governance which the continent needs today to engineer and attain its grand strategic plan of creating a better world of sports and sports journalists both young and old. ”

At the event one of the special guests, Christian Lagnide, the President of LC2/ AFNEX and chairman of the Foundation of African Football advised sports journalists in the continent to seek a common and united front in order to help fast track the needed gains in sports and the useful engagement of african youth populace. Lagnide who is a top communication stakeholder was not happy that the sports media in the continent is being disrupted at this particular time. ‘Not here in Casablanca where you have your official seat and not in Morocco which needs the support of all to win the bid for the 2026 World Cup”, he noted.

The lunch ended with the AIPS AFRICA president and its former President Belaid Boumid presenting to the special guest a souvenir as well as a copy of the AIPS AFRICA STRATEGIC Plan that was launched in Nairobi and dwells heavily on capacity building and exposure for both young and old sports journalists.

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