Potential at the Burundian Federation of Karate

Closing of the internship at the Burundian Karate Federation

From February 28 to March 5, 2018, the Burundian Karate Federation organized an internship that ended successfully for the 47 participants.
The visit of Spanish expert Antonio Oliva Seba to FEBUKA introduces modern Karate to Burundi. The statement is made by Mr. Christophe Nkurunziza, President of the Federation. “Burundi was in transition between traditional and modern karate, which is useful for high-level competitions,” he said. He added that the teaching methodology of the expert leading the world’s elite had the objective of achieving a correct and precise application. The expectations have been met all the more since the participating coaches are passionate and applied as the expert noted in his report.

Since Karate is now part of sports admitted to the Olympic Games, Burundi has potential for its youth who are applied. The conclusion is the expert of the World Karate Federation, Antonio Oliva Seba who is satisfied with the level of trainees. For having provided this kind of training in 92 countries, this high level coach finds talented trainees who learn so quickly. Among them, the young Elvis TERIMBERE stands out and already promises a bright future. It ranks 5th in the continental and 11th in the world.

In order to increase the number of world champions, FEBUKA will have to increase the number of participants in major international competitions.

Photo caption: In the company of the expert Antonio Oliva Seba, officials of the federation and the NOC, trainees pose with their certificates.

Thierry Niyungeko

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