Celebration Of March 08 Through Volley Ball

By Liliane Nshimirimana

During the celebration of March 08, the international day of the women, the voluntary women and girls of the capital Bujumbura had organized volleyball games on Saturday 10 March 2018 at the field of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and the culture.

Under the leadership of the Committee on the genre and development within the Burundi federation of Volleyball, the old volleyballs gathered together and organized friendly matches on March 08.

In total, two teams from the five teams linked to the Bujumbura Amateur Volleyball Association, AVAB and a team of ladies, formerly volleyball players, took part in these festivals. The arbitrators were all young women who recently graduated from the University of Burundi at the Physics and Sport Institute of Education.

It has also been noted by the presence of the two ladies of American nationality who reside in Burundi who had come to join the burundians.

These matches have seen Burundian volleyball leaders with their staffs as well as other friends and fans of the noble game.
In his speech, Mrs. Sophie Ndayihimbaze, who is heading the genre and development committee in the Burkina Faso Federation of Volley Ball, welcomed all the people who gave themselves body and soul for the organization of the day. She also thanked the players, young and old to show a good volley ball game show. Sophie has launched a vibrant call for sportsmen in general and volley ball in particular to support women in sport. She emphasized the inclusivity of women in decision-making bodies in this field dominated by men. She did not miss the attention of young girls who evolve from volleyball to continue their studies and not to prostitute themselves.

As for the president of the AVAB, he welcomed the initiative of the women, but he also regretted the fact that Burundi was not represented at the African champions’ championship championship, which started on 08 March 2018 in Cairo in Egypt. Jean Marie Gahungu invites FBVB to support women more than forget the boys because they have not done anything else.
The President of the FBVB Gordien Iradukunda also congratulated the voluntary women and invited them to multiply such initiatives. He indicated that training for trainers was scheduled for April 2018 and said that the participation of girls and women was strongly desired.

You know that four people were medally on the occasion of this day to support the female volleyball, something new in the burlensy volleyball because we have never done a thank-you in the place of those who support women in this game. It is:

1. Mr. Vincent Kabura alias Mutama: This old man managed to keep and associate the As the girls at the moment when the other team members left him

2. Ms. Immaculate Nzotungishaka: She is the only lady who is head of a female team in Burundi. She heads the training of New Colombe

3. Ms. Annette Ndayikunda: A model pilot who has kept her discipline and courage. Currently she is a mother of three children and remains active in the field.

4. Mrs. Joy Kabura: She is the only lady on the volley ball that manifests her will to support the volleyball through the animation.

The ceremonies of this day have been closed around a glass in a village-led place.

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