Nezha Bidan, undisputed star of the Francophonian day in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, 21/03/2019 (MAP) – The former Moroccan athlete Nezha Bidouane was the undisputed star of the Francophone Day, held on Tuesday evening at the University of Copenhagen, under the terms “Sport and French: Challenges , values ​​and identities “.

The double world champion of 400 m hedges has come back on his course, his choices and his fights, as well as his engagement in several associations where he is militant, among other things, for the consecration of sport as a means of valuation, insertion of young people.

In a friendly exchange with the many public audience at this meeting, a number of French ambassadors and diplomats attended, including the Majesty’s King Ambassador in Denmark, Mrs. Khadija Rouissi, the Moroccan athlete came to the game of answers where she gave a rider overlooking her numerous sports performances in Morocco as well as abroad.

“I am a Moroccan 100% product,” said Ms. Bidouane, taking a look at her coach Aziz Daouda, her physiotherapist and the staff who accompanied her over a career of more than twenty years.

“My country has given me that I feel obliged today to make it a little bit. That is the meaning of commitment to my eyes,” she said, welcoming the love and support that the Moroccan community has stopped witnessing.

For her, the language of sport is  universal and is based on noble values ​​such as respect, citizenship and commitment, so that sport is a good vector of transmission of these same values, especially to young people.

And it is precisely in this regard that she created the association “Femmes: Achievements and values” in 2005, in order to help young people and women in particular to integrate with the sport, Rabat’s previous race edition did not gather less than 30 thousand women and girls.

“It is also my way to honor my mother who motivated me to play and start a career in 400 m race, a very difficult discipline that requires an iron mind,” he said. Ms. Bidouane, currently Ambassador for the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), and President of the Moroccan Royal Sports Federation for All (FRMSPT). The show was definitely the projection of a video tracking the athlete’s key performance, with momentous emotions on world circus since Cairo and Athens in the early 1990s, until Sydney, Ottawa or Edmonton, via Havana, Paris or Johannesburg.

The public also attended a presentation on “bike language”, animated by French author Paul Fournel, an exchange with Peter Gade, a Danish trainer of the national team of badminton in France, and Catherine Marsal, French coach a female cycling team in Denmark, as well as a presentation on “sport as a French learning tool”.

As accustomed, Moroccan culinary art has not failed in his electoral mission during the funeral buffet organized for the occasion. With her aroma and her smell, she was praised by the gourmets who emitted their papyrus and enjoyed the culinary secrets of the fifteen countries participating in this day.

March 20, each year, some 274 million Francophones of the five continents celebrate the International Day of francophone, a date chosen on March 20, 1970, at the time of the Cultural and Technical Cooperation Agency (ACCT) .

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