General Assembly Of The Burundi National Olympique Committee

By Liliane Nshimirimana

The National Olympic Committee held its ordinary general meeting on Saturday, March 31, 2018, in Martha’s guest rooms in Kiriri district, under the leadership of Ms. Lydia Nsekera, the President. A delegate from the Department having the sport in his assignments attended this General Assembly and at least eight points were analyzed.



The main points in the agenda were the presentation of the narrative and financial year report for the year 2017, respectively by the Secretary-General and treasurer of the CNO, the presentation of the Correction Report, clarification and harmonization of certain imperfect provisions contained in the Statutes, the Internal Rules and the CNO Electoral Code which was done in duo of lawyers.

As relevant, the point of harmonization of certain provisions has long been discussed. Some members of the General Assembly wanted this point to be dealt with in another extraordinary General Assembly that would be organized sooner than others were simply the simplification of these regulatory texts and the enhancement of these regulatory texts. It was therefore decided that this point would be rather approved by acclamation as it was not adjustment at the form.

The presidents of the various sports federations gathered at this General Assembly regretted the fact that the Sports Ministry did nothing to support teams and athletes who went to international conferences. They asked the CNO to advocate for this department to play its role.

During this General Assembly, it was an opportunity for Burundian CNO to award the athletes evolving to Burundi, mediated in international international competitions from 1 January 2017 to March 31, 2018.

At least 29 athletes from Karate, Judo and cycling federations have been awarded prices according to the medals received.You will know that Ms. Lydia Nsekera has promised that the CNO is looking for a bus that will enable athletes to move to the competitions that will take place in the sub-region. She also stressed that the Olympic movement would tend to gender parity in sport and that women should be represented in decision making bodies up to 30%.

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