Burundi’s U20 selection beat Ethiopia in Addis (2-0)

By Thierry Niyungeko

The whole match between the two young national selections took place in Burundi on the 1st April 2018, with a score of 2 goals.
Definitely, Burundaise’s under-20’s has just marked a good start in front of Ethiopia. The coach Joslin Bipfubusa coach went to beat the young Ethiopians in their fiery Addis ababa. They played as part of the next CAN U20 drawout.

The humiliated Ethiopians faced with the tactical assault of the Burundaise picker scored the two goals of this encounter. They were successively registered by Mohammed Djuma and Welcome Shaka, craftsmen of this comforter victory for the game back.

Scheduled April 21, 2018, the match will be played on the synthetic Lawn Love Stadium in Ngozi, recently certified by CAF.

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