Sino-Burundaise co-operate through table tennis

By Thierry Niyungeko 

In collaboration with the Chinese ambassador in Burundi, the Burundi Tennis Table Federation organized on 8 April 2018 a “Ambassador Cup” tournament at the Kigobe Technical School.

Initiated in the context of strengthening the cooperation of Sino-Burundian tournaments, the tournament captured Burundais and Chinese pongists. Overall, 65 participants, including 56 boys and 9, have played the many programs programmed for this occasion.

The matches were divided according to the categories of registered players. The senior class was 34 athletes, and the juniors had 20 young pongists and 10 girls. 5 Chinese nationals with a semi-finishing woman joined their Burundais comrades.

In the Kigobe Technical School Room, pongists deliver their parts during the tournament organized to strengthen the Sino-Burunda relations.

Of the 12 member associations of the Burundi Table Tennis Federation, 5 took part in this ambassador’s section. This is Bujumbura, Ruyigi, Cankuzo, Muramvya and Muyinga. This tournament has been an opportunity to discover the talent of young pongists who, well-trained, will get medals in the future.

Here is the ranking of the best pongists in this tournament that won medals in their categories:

* Juniors Girls:
1. Martine KUBWIMANA
2. Daniella DOES
3. Flavine CAN NOT

* Juniors Boys:
1. Arnaud NITUNGA
2. Simplice NIZIGAMA
3. Davy- Blaise COVER

* Seniors Girls:
1. Marie-Claire MUNEZERO
Ange-Belyse INGABIRE

* Seniors Boys:
2. Alain-Claude KABURA

In his opening address of the tournament, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Burundi promised an envelope of a million Billion francs to the Burunduan Table Tennis Federation. Hon. Honorable Henri BUKUMBANYA has been privileged to award a local artwork to the Chinese ambassador who sponsored this activity.


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