ACBAB – Championship Season 2017 – 2018 Begins

By Line Curie Muco

The championship itself started as agreed on Saturday, April 14, 2018.
Posted on this day; 3 matches of which 1 of the Berco Stars Vs Ladies have been postponed.

Among the men: the first encounter against New Star, which imposed on Hyppos, a new team (95 – 71).The days follow but do not look like it. The second Mutanga United Vs Gymkana encounter had a hard start on one side, but with slightly dominant Mutanga’s face against Gymkana who did not seem to be in the game.
Score half-time 47 – 42 in favor of Mutanga.

It is in the second part that the two teams have awakened somewhat, showing this game a more or less constructed game. Mutanga guarded the domination of Gymkana, which only returns the score.
Score at the end of 3rd quarter 25 – 22, Mutanga still in advance.
It would have been the three points (6) marked by Gyslain Munezero (who probably made him the best team scoreer), as well as Paulin’s offensive offensive rebels, Gymkana was saved by sincerity. managed to mark the difference at the end of the meeting against Mutanga U. clearly disappointed after a service to be greeted.
Final score 94 – 88.

Another great day of life shows that despite the fierce battles that teams play in the field, the level seems to improve slightly.
Yesterday, Sunday, April 15, 2018, we are in Div.A male, Kern still insisted in Muzinga who, like all the other teams, has broken this iron defense that Kern has been developing for ever and seems to succeed him several times , in any case.

We have to be well prepared for the fire or we can develop a good attack that is capable of destabilizing the cohesion of players well-managed by Alvin.
Muzinga has not been able to do it, and has dropped 56 to 63 from Kern.
There are no really rival teams …
The shocking day of the day was opposed to Urunani in Dynamo.
There are no more rival teams, each team is strong in its kind and always ready to give the best of yourself to mark the difference.
Yesterday, it’s Urunani, thanks to Elvis (Gafyisi), Captain of the team, who has given a team more than two 3 points that have made the difference with Olivier Ndayiragije, coach of Dynamo in a very controversial match.
Dynamo came this time to win a victory, unable to achieve his wishes despite an enormous commitment. It will probably be better next time.
Urunani won 75 victory against Dynamo 67.

Other Weekend results:

In Women’s Division;
Black Eagle has 67 in front of Rumuri 33.

Beginning of championship also in male B Division. Women’s Division B is still waiting because there are only two teams (Gazelles & Berco Stars) who have to find a formula to adopt to deliver matches.

Results Division B male:

Saturday 14 April 2018:
Mutanga United vs Gymkana 48-56

Sunday, April 15, 2018
1. Vancouver vs. Dynamo 51- 65
2. New Star vs. Ishaka 43-44
3. Ambassadors vs. Tuze 34-58

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