Enriching day of exchanges between the AJSB members

By Thierry Niyungeko

In partnership with the BRARUDI, the Association of Burundi Journalists (AJSB) organized a day of knowledge sharing on the retransmission techniques of a soccer match on the radio.

Experienced journalists and young people who need more knowledge in their profession, the AJSB initiated this activity with the aim of building its members’ capabilities. This day arrives at the right time, on the eve of the launch of CECAFA U17, April 13, 2018. More than fifty confederates were able to take part in the three programming schemes for this occasion.

At the beginning of the afternoon, a football match was played between spouses and singles. The latter were surprised to be beaten by their seniors on a score of three goals at zero.
Prior to going to the IPA field, a rich presentation on the retransmission techniques for foot-to-radio matches was made by Mr. Abedi François Ndondo. Former radio journalist at ISANGANIRO radio and radio broadcast initiator on this chain in 2004 during the African Nations Cup, he wished to share knowledge with his fellows. To be the first to introduce sound effects in his retransmissions, Mr Ndondo urged the confraries to make their presentation more alive. That’s why he invited them to do a great deal of research to brush a good background that the listener needs to know more about the players quoted during the retransmissions. “When you say, for example, a return match, you must necessarily make a reminder of the results of the go to keep the auditor up,” he stressed. At the time of his presentation, Abedi François drew the attention of the members to the importance of holding the AIPS card that allows free access to the cover of great sports events around the world.

Some difficulties encountered In the exercise of their professionals, sports journalists face a lack of space in some media. “It’s sometimes uncomfortable to see the game relegated to the second plan in some of the topics that tend to neglect it with regard to other topics,” says a local confession. And adding that often on the log structure, the latest sports news lasts.

In order to address these difficulties, Mr. Ndondo calls on journalists to make sure that there are regular sports information on our grids. Participants in turn suggested that we organize a meeting in which media managers will be informed about the contribution of sports emissions to the increase in their hearings.

Maintain a good partnership

As a large company who sponsors sporting activities, BRARUDI wants to maintain a good partnership with our association. According to Rémy NDAYISHIMIYE in charge of Marketing, the idea of ​​supporting this activity was born on the radio broadcast day 2018. In exchange with AJSB President Madame Liliane NSHIMIRIMANA, they found the need capacity building for local journalists. Former national journalist, NDAYISHIMIYE is the key to the partnership between his company and our association. “It is beneficial for us to work with actors in the sports world as journalists who have a great audience on their waves,” he said. He invited the AJSB to join their activities in June in the Primus League final. There will also be the election of the best player in season 2017-2018.

In order to close this day, the AJSB members shared refreshing glasses offered by the BRARUDI at the House of the Press. BRARUDI also provided T-shirts, USB keys, stamps and stamps PRIMUS to AJSB members.



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