Towards The Extension Of Badminton In Burundi

By Thierry Niyungeko

More than twenty EPS teachers selected from 21 national pilot schools have been trained by French French Guillaume Gailly, Gikungu Porta Sion Center.

In order to extend the game of Badminton throughout the country, each province has been represented in this training. According to Abedi François Ndondo, President of the Badminton Federation in Burundi, this recycle is part of the “Shuttle Time” project that initiates children in the Badminton country, which will enable better detecting Burundian talent. in international competitions.

With a double strike, Mr Ndondo plans to take advantage of Guillaume Gailly’s expertise at IEPS students who have been initiating in Badminton for the past three years. “It is a great opportunity for exchanges and experiences sharing among our students who will teach the youth and the great trainer who has made the highest level of this sport discipline,” says Abedi François.
And adding that the weekend program is dedicated to federal club players for instruction from the expert.

* Progress on multiple domains *

Coach for 20 years and currently working with the international federation for projected projects with low-developed Badminton structures, Guillaume Gailly finds that this training will contribute to the implementation of this sport in Burundi. He explains that the practice of the game allows you to progress on several domains. This expert cites, in particular, the balance, endurance, coordination, etc. He finds that these virtues will use them all the time of their lives and are very useful in achieving their school curriculum.

With Shuttle Time, explains Guillaume Gailly, we have created several exercises with teachers: discovery of the facets of Badminton, the basics of small travels, robbery snacks and the various strikes we can do. He announced that trainees will have documents and see the videos when they want it and as soon as they have material they will start training with children.

* Added value *

Following this training, President Ndondo said, the Badminton will be part of the other sports disciplines taught in the country’s schools. He is far away by crossing the borders of our country. “With this initiative, the Burmese Badminton will soon begin to participate in the Nepali competition, which combines the best schools in East Africa, with which our game did not belong to our neighboring countries,” he explains. he is.
And as there is an annual championship organized on continental level, young players will have another development framework, which will make it increasingly strong clubs.


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