CAN U20 elimination: Burundi disqualifies Sudan

By Thierry Niyungeko

Burundi’s young national selection has been attacked by the 20-year-olds in Sudan on May 20, 2018, with a score of 2 goals at 0.

As part of the drawings for the next African Cup of Nations under the age of 20, Burundi’s selection has just gone through the next round. Zambia will be required to qualify for the CAN’s final qualification for coach Joslin Bipfubusa’s coach. Favorites for having made a nude move to Burundi during the match, under the 20-year-old Sudanese confronted the numerous assaults of the Burundian attack.

In Khartoum, Burundi’s first goal was signed by the young Shaka Welcome to the 82st minute of this match. The second achievement was signed by the Titi Mavugo goalkeeper at the 87th minute. The Sudanese have tried to reduce the score but in vain because the defense of Burundi was so welded that they could not find faults. The match then won on a score of 2 goals at 0.

Zambia’s opponent of the next round

Prior to appearing in the final post of the CAN U20 final 2019 edition in Niger, Burundi’s under 20 will have to face and face Zambian. At this stage of eliminators for this great continental competition, the task will not be easy but realistic. According to the information at our disposal, the 20-year-olds in Zambia have recently beaten those in Rwanda without much brightness. One reason is not to worry about them because their level of play is not significantly higher than that of our Hirondels who will have to be confident in their warriors’ capabilities.

In order to reward this win-off victory, the president of the Burundi Football Federation awarded a BIF 15 million prize to winners. A motivating decision that enchantes the fans of our selection and all football fans at the national level.


Thierry Niyungeko

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