Uganda Sport Minister Pledges Support To Aliguma Foundation Through Sports

By Ritah Aliguma

The Minister of Education & Sports Mr. Bakabulindi met Ritah Aliguma the USPA vice president at the ministry offices yesterday.

The Minister who invited Aliguma to congratulate her upon her appointment to the AIPS Africa committee hailed her spirit of patriotism and love for sports journalism but also urged her to represent USPA and the nation well.

The Minister applauded Aliguma’s effort to use sports to change people’s lives in the community through her Aliguma Foundation which currently carries on empowerment programs in the slums especially in Acholi Quarters of Banda.

Flanked by Saltray Lubega, the person in charge of skills training at her Aliguma Foundation and other USPA members including Dorothy…, (mention other names) Aliguma lauded the minister who is also the patron of USPA for the effort towards development talent and sports throughout the nation.

The  Minister of sports, Hon. Charles Bakabulindi assured the team about government’s commitment to develop sports and emphasized the need for stakeholders like USPA and Aliguma Foundation to promote these efforts. He urged the media, where Aliguma belongs to promote Uganda’s efforts to uplift sports in the nation citing the recent copa-cola and other recent sports activities

The  Minister of sports, Hon. Charles Bakabulindi urged Aliguma Foundation to include Key Performance indicators that will boost and ensure continuity and sustainability as well as encouraging the youngsters to work on individual progress. He pledged support and involvement in Stewarding sustainable progress.

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