Egyptian lawyer sues Sergio Ramos for $1.5 billion for Mo Salah challenge

When Liverpool star Mohamed Salah went down with injury in the Champions League final, Egyptian fans were outraged with Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos.

Ramos wrestled Salah to the ground in the first half, forcing Salah out of the game with shoulder ligament damage, and leaving Liverpool adrift without their best player.

Now an Egyptian lawyer has filed a suit against Ramos, seeking compensation “for the physical and psychological harm that Ramos gave Salah and the Egyptian people.”

Salah’s countryman Bassem Wahba told Egyptian TV station Sadah El-Balad “Ramos intentionally injured Mo Salah and should be punished about [sic] his actions.”

Wahba is seeking one billion Euro ($1.5 billion AUD) in compensation, pledging to donate it to the country’s Long Live Egypt Fund.

Salah’s injury sparked fears that the Egyptian talisman would be ruled out of the World Cup, but Salah has since downplayed suggestions that he would not compete with an optimistic post-match tweet.

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