Mathematical Chance

…..In faith and with hope.

Nigerians had a huge dose of this mix before the debacle in St Petersburg. For some of us it was the quintessential deja vu in the Argentina v Nigeria saga. So close yet so far and broken hearts not so easy to mend. I leave my thoughts on the match on the sands of the water rocking the splendour of the bridge close to the blue lit stadium.

The thoughts are too heavy for the simple overflow which the Mathematical One provoked in his stirring piece. I am not excited that a footballer wants to get into a Nigerian Government House. I am not tickled that Odegbami sees the challenge of being a governor of his state as a cause Celebre..a mission to accomplish. After all, we have a footballer in the presidential palace in Monrovia. No novelty.

Indeed and curiously so I am excitingly seduced by the sheer weight of dream drives that Odegbami my brother has generated and pursued with a vigour that is so evangelistic. It is the measure of a rare breed that these inclinations come so thick and fast and even when they fail to stay the ground they still find a charm that lingers for a while.

Let’s look at the catalogue.,,the 2010 World Cup bid for West Africa with Nigeria as spearhead. Two. the FIFA presidency candidature and the endorsement that got muddled in our local politics. And now the prospect of a gubernatorial assault even as I willfully ignore all the past attempts to become NFA/ NFF president. I can only say to Odegbami this time like I have done fervently..,courage brother do not stumble though thy path be dark as night. Blessed stars will guide you. In St Petersburg the road to Ogun state government house may have started. Don’t wait for any penalty to win this one. Keep the faith and crestfallen Super Eagles Fans. So long a bright night with heartaches.

Courtesy ; Mitchell Obi (AIPSAFRICA PRESIDENT)

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