Sebasten Coe ; World Senior Athletics Championship En route To Africa


The International Association of Athletics Federation boss, Sebasten Coe says the world body has set a target of 10 years for an African country to host the World Senior Athletics Championships due to the success of few world championships hosted so far in some African cities.

Citing Africa as the center piece of his administration, Coe expalined that the execution of this plan is already in the works as seen in Africa hosting some major athletics championship.

“Rabat became the first Diamond League meet in Africa, then shortly after that, we agreed to take the World Cross Country Championship to Uganda; that was a very successul World Championships”

“I have been very clear that one of the ambitions that i set for myself when i became president, was that we are in a much better position within ten years of delivering the World Senior Athletics Championships to Africa; that will be for my colleagues in Africa to decide the best venue, city, host country for that. The responsibility should lie with the area association.”

The success of Kenya, Uganda and Morocco has further open the gates or more championships to come to Africa after the IAAF board gave consent to more hosting duties for CAA.

“We also have the clearance and I am very pleased to have been able to announce in Buenos Aires that the 2020 U-20 World Championship will be in Nairobi largely due to the success of the U-18s.”

“My first World Championship in Africa was the 2007 World Cross Country Championship in Mombasa, Kenya, which in itself was an extraordinary event.”

The former Olympian added that the development of athletics is of huge concern to the IAAF as a result of the global nature of the sport and what it means to Africa from the stand point of success recorded by various african countries, hence the need for every African child to witness live.

“We are certainly the most acccessible sport, we are the sport that Africa is most successful at and when all those things come together it’s very obvious to want to stage major championships so that young people in Africa can see their own athletes competing in their own neighborhood, community and i hope wanting to become the next David Rudisha, Maria Mutola, Kip keino, its very important and i think our own record on this is ver important and it’s an ambition i share with the president”

I am very clear that our sports is global, it needs to be seen to be global, we need to put funding and resource behind those programmes that allow us to genuinely say we are the most global sport, which i think we are.

At a press conference held on Thursday, the IAAF boss also revealed that he will be working towards getting more support for African countries even when they are organizing their regional meets.

The IAAF President said: “I am not just here just for the ceremony, I brought a big team with me from our headquarters to understand the challenges countries face in delivering athletics event like this even at the regional level.

“My team is also here to address and observe and to see how they can be more helpful in the delivering more opportunities.” He added.

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