Burundi-Volleyball / Final President’s Cup 1st Edition 2018


Closing of the tournament called “President’s Cup” volleyball this Saturday, July 28, 2018 at Buye Urukundo stadium in Mwumba commune of the Ngozi Province in northern Burundi in the presence of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza.

A total of sixteen men’s teams and eight women’s teams had registered to take part in this new competition organized by the Burundian Volleyball Federation.

The pool playoffs were played in the three provinces of the country namely the province of Bujumbura Mairie which is the capital, province of Gitega the second city of the country and the province of Mwaro.

In general, the competition went well despite some irregularities observed during the course of the matches counting for this competition.

Among the difficulties encountered is the lack of financial resources, as some team presidents deplored.
At the technical level, the new team of the Ministry of the Interior, Patriotic Training and Local Development was sanctioned by a lump sum for lining up a player from another team.

On the ladies’ side, some teams withdrew at the last minute, which pointed out that only the teams coming from the Bujumbura Town Hall were in the semi-finals.

Recall of the results of the semi-finals

In the ladies
Muzinga vs The Aces 3-1
Gender Light Club (GLC) vs New Colombe 3-0
Muzinga vs The Aces 3-0
On the side of men
Friendly Sports Bujumbura (ASB) vs BUN 3-1
Rukinzo vs Muzinga 3-1

In the women’s final, Muzinga defeated the Gender Light Club team 3-1, while the Rukinzo men of the Burundi National Police won 3 sets to 1 against the Friendly Sports from Bujumbura.

President Pierre Nkurunziza to the volleyball community

In his speech, the Burundian head of state who had enhanced his closing ceremonies, Pierre Nkurunziza thanked the Burundian volleyball federation for not having seen the level and talents of the players who had just created a good show.

President Pierre Nkurunziza also asked the Burundian Volleyball Federation to set up a national team that will be able to represent the country in the various international competitions that will be organized and he stressed that the office of the presidency will support it.
Before closing his speech, the President of the Republic awarded prizes to the winning teams and the best players elected by himself.
Prizes awarded

For the men’s champion team Rukinzo, the president offered an envelope of one million five hundred thousand Burundian francs and ASB who was ranked second, he gave an envelope of one million three hundred thousand francs Burundian

In the women’s teams, Muzinga, crowned champion of the President’s Cup, received an envelope of one million Burundian franc, while GLC, who won the second prize of eight hundred thousand Burundian francs.
The President of the Republic has also awarded the best men and women players.

These players are:
Iradukunda Yvan from Rukinzo
Pacific Iradukunda of the ASB
Kamwemwe Gynette of Muzinga
Kaze Dely of GLC

A mother with two children who gives herself body and soul when she plays was also elected by her President Pierre Nkurunziza as best player, it is Mrs. Fidélité Ndayisaba

Mrs. Fidélité Ndayisaba who received a cow award from the President of the Republic

The latter received a special prize because the President of the Republic promised him a dairy cow. He said that the delivery of this cow will be in Bujumbura.
Remember that this is the first time that the Burundian Volleyball Federation organizes the tournament of the President’s Cup.

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