Berlin in focus as AIPS and European Athletics continue tradition of honoring veteran journalists

by Maria Pia Beltran, AIPS Media

BERLIN, August 10, 2018 – Fourteen veteran European athletics Journalists from fourteen different countries were celebrated in Berlin during the European Athletics Championships. At the Zoological Gardens in Berlin, our colleagues, the top authorities in athletics on the continent, were guests of honor at the European Athletics LOC Official Lunch, where they were joined by European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen, President of the Organising Committee Berlin 2018 Clemens Prokop, German Athletics Association President Jurgen Kessin, the Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Muller and AIPS President Gianni Merlo.

“This appointment has become a kind of tradition and we have gone from six to 14 journalists to be recognized from our last event at the European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam,” AIPS President Gianni Merlo said. “To follow sport on the international level for so many years requires dedication and sacrifice but the best example these veteran colleagues can give to the younger generation is the passion they still have in studying and preparing themselves to cover athletics, searching for new stories and bringing new characters and names closer to the public.”

“Of course it’s an honor for us to go up on the stage to receive this recognition. I started when I was 20 years old and I have been specialized in athletics since then,” Josè Luis Lopez of Spain’s Cadena SER Radio Station said. “This year I was hoping that Hortelano could get the golden medal in the 200 meters because he is really an inspiring athlete and his story was very tough – with him being back on the track after a very serious car accident.”

“Having the possibility to meet our international colleagues in a friendly environment during these European championships is a great value,” retired Swiss colleague Peter Frei, formerly of Swiss agency SDA said. “I believe AIPS is doing a great service for our profession, we have to stay united and cooperate as much as possible to keep on growing.”

Below is the full list of veteran journalists awarded:

Peter Frei

Media: SDA Sport information

Country: Switzerland

European Athletics Championships: 15

Manfred Steffny

Media: SPIRIDON-Laufmagazin

Country: Germany

European Athletics Championships: 12

Olaf Brockmann

Media: Kronen Zeitung

Country: Austria

European Athletics Championships: 12

Franco Fava

Media: Corriere dello Sport

Country: Italy

European Athletics Championships: 12

Jean-Pierre Durand

Media: JPD Photosport

Country: France

European Athletics Championships: 11

Drbohlav Vladimir

Media: Ceska Televize

Country: Czech Republic

European Athletics Championships: 11

Mats Wennerholm

Media: Aftonbladet Newspaper

Country: Sweden

European Athletics Championships: 11

Philippe Vande Weyer

Media: Le Soir, Brussels

Country: Belgium

European Athletics Championships: 10

Jose Luis Lopez

Media: SER Radio station

Country: Spain

European Athletics Championships: 10

Andrej Stare

Media: Slovenian Television (RTVSLO)

Country: Slovenia

European Athletics Championships: 10

Tapio Nevalainen

Media: Finnish News Agency

Country: Finland

European Athletics Championships: 10

Ed Gordon

Media: International Sport Data

Country: USA

European Athletiscs Championships: 10

Ernest Friedbert Raulf

Media: freelance

Country: Germany

European Athletics Championships: 10

Karolos Sargologos

Media: PSAT

Country: Greece

European Athletics Championships: 10

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