Inauguration of EAC 1st edition games

By Nzeyimana Parfait

Burundi is hosting the first edition of games of East African Community. Last thusday 16th august was scheduduled the inauguration of the tournment

In his speech, Joseph Butore, the 2nd Vice-President of Burundi said that sport contributes to reinforce the unity and peace, reason why leaders of EAC zone have decided to launch this sport meeting that is required to take place each year. This first edition is held under the theme : « Fostering EAC integration and peace through sports ». Mr Butoye precised as well that

Burundi is honored to host this meeting wishing the best to all athletes.

Sport builds brigdes between individuals and cross communities

Libérat Mpfumukeko, the EAC secretary general, on his tourn, emphasized on that sports is increasingly worldwide recognized as an important tool helping nations and regions to achieve unity and harmony. It builds brigdes between individuals and cross communities, providing a fertile ground for sowing the seeds for development. He recalled also that sport industry creats direct benefits, employments, revenues from events, consummables and general taxation.

Sport may inspire politicians

As he joined the stage, Honorable Kirunda Kivejinja, 2nd deputy of prime minister and minister of EAC affairs of Republic of Uganda preferred to deliver some remarks to the audience instead of pronouncing a prepared speech. He reminded that sport teaches fair play. While it must be a winner and a looser in a contest, the latter mustn’t deny the victory to the first when the game is over. He finds out why he’s defeated and perform better next time, indicated Mr Kivejinja. This may inspire politicians of our countries, did he add.

4 of the 6 countries of EAC are participating to the games

Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are the 4 countries which are participating to these games. Only Rwanda and South Soudan didn’t send their delegation to Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi. They have declined the invitation, arguing different reasons.

Weak citizens connot build strong nations

Sport must be a routine for all so that they can strenghen their bodies. Weak citizens connot build strong nations. We may not focus on to win or to loose but to participate, underlined Hon. Kivejinja. He ended his speech asking to organizers to deliver certificates to all participants.

After speeches, Mrs Joseph Butore and Kirunda Kivejinja solemnelly opened the 1rst edition of EAC games. The latter will last from 16th to 30th august 2018. Two towns of Burundi will host them namery Gitega and Bujumbura. It will include football, volleyball, Karaté and so forth. In volleyball, men category, Uganda overcame Burundi (3-0). As far as Karaté is concerned, in individual men category, Burundi gathered all the 3 medals taking by the same occasion the first place. Even in team men category, Burundi dominated all other countries and won the cup.

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