AIPS Asia preparations for the continental congress gain momentum

by Amjad Malik, Secretary General AIPS Asia

JEDDAH, August 27, 2018 – The preparations for hosting AIPS ASIA Congress in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, have gained momentum with the completion of the consultation process amongst the top level figures of the body.

The congress will be held in September (21 -24), which will be the first ever event of the kind in Saudi Arabia. On the first day of the congress, an important session of the Executive Committee of AIPS ASIA will be held under the chairmanship of its President Mr. Sattam Al Alsehali. It merits a mention here that the AIPS ASIA Kuala Lumpur Congress held last year had accepted the offer of the Saudi Sports Media Federation to convene its 2018 session in Jeddah.

Invitations have already been delivered to all the member countries. The President of AIPS, Gianni Merlo as well as the presidents of its continental wings of America, Europe and Africa, Gabriel Cazenave , Charles Camenzuli and Mitchell Obi respectively besides Evelyn Watta, Members of the AIPS EC will also attend the event on a special invitation.

Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee constituted by Mr. Rajallah, President, Saudi Sports Media Federation (SSMF) will make befitting arrangements for the congress has already convened its first session at Riyadh – the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wherein its members Dr. Terki Saleh, Mr. Adil Bakheet and Mr. Abdullah were in attendance. The Secretary General of AIPS ASIA, Amjad Aziz Malik especially dashed from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia to attend the meeting. Various aspects of the ongoing arrangements came under discussion on the occasion.

It was decided to apply all the available options to making the congress a memorable event in real terms. Although final touches were applied to the arrangements of the event, the agendas of the congress as well as the executive committee of the AIPS ASIA will be released in due course of time. The delegates will start reaching Jeddah on September 20. “Inshallah the guests will remember us for a long time to come”, said Dr. Terki.

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