Strengthening peace through sport

By Parfait Nzeyimana

Peace and Sport organized games for youth from Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo since 17th to 19 august 2018 at Bujumbura (Burundi) and Uvira (DRC), the twin towns. Several athlets attended the meeting.

For the first time, athlets from Burundi and DRC mixted and played together in the same teams in Friendship games. The latter were organized for 3 days for frostering the dialogue and multicultural exchanges in Great Lacs region. About 150 young boys and girls and 50 coaches have been involved in these friendship games. The National Olympic Comity (CNO) and 8 international sport federations supported this sport meeting.
Positive changes through sport

The Chairman of Peace and Sport, Joel Bouzou, declared on his part that this meeting was a sign of peace and dialogue in the sub-region. « It’s a good step in fostering multicultural exchanges between youth. Yet, mainly, this meeting offers an occasion for international sport federations and athlets to promote positive changes through sports » as Mr Bouzou added.

Fantastic means of connecting people
Farid Lounas, the Babyfoot International Federation president said he was happy to participate in a so great event. The babyfoot is a sport opened to all. It delivers human values like respect and tolerance. Positive feelings brought by team spirit and pleasure are fantastic means of connecting people in order to build peace, as Mr Lounas said.

It’s our proud to be envolved once again in these friendship games. This sport meeting shows enough how sport can have positive impact, putting together people from different horizons. It matches with our strategic use of sport for the good of human values, has underlined Cheikh Saud Ali Al-Thani, the president of international Basketball Fondation (IBF).

Bruno Tshibala, the congolese prime minister and Papy Nyango minister of sport represented Congo government whereas Jean-Jacques Nyenimigabo, the special advisor of the president and Freddy Mbonimpa, Bujumbura Mayor, represented Burundi.

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