21st AIPS Asia Congress: A leap forward towards the promotion of sports journalism, highlights president Sattam Al Alsahli

by Amjad Aziz Malik, Secretary General AIPS Asia

JEDDAH, September 19, 2018: AIPS Asia President Sattam Al Alsahli has shared that the 21st AIPS Asia Congress has been a dream for almost a year, and that since his election in 2017 he has been visualizing the congress to be held in an Arab country. “The heartiest of
congratulations to my friends at the Saudi Sport Media Federation and especially SSMF President Mr. Rajallh,” he said in a message of felicitation in the days leading to the continental gathering.

Looking forward “On this memorable day in the history of the Saudi Sports Media Federation, I really judge it as a big achievement on part of its members. Let me remind my friends that we are not here as a repentance of past practices to just sit complacent and appeased. Rather we have ambitious wishes to go ahead with more achievements,” Al Alsahli said.

Welcoming the arrival of delegates, he added that at the same time it is equally a historical occasion for AIPS Asia to step ahead courageously. “The presence of 30 member countries coupled with delegates from seven countries of Europe, Africa and America at the forum reflects a leap forward when it comes to efforts underway for promotion of sports journalism across the Asian continent.”

Young Reporters Referring to work of the continental body, the AIPS Asia President said: “While having the magnificent achievements in shape of an MoU signed between AIPS Asia and the Asian Football Confederation, alongside the regular conduct of Young Reporters Training Programmes as well as the Women Workshops in our credit, we are also determined to materialize the hopes pinned with these credentials in true sense. Truly,” he added, “It is the youngsters are the best asset for us as decision makers and our parent bodies offering parentage umbrella towards having better future at every level.”

“However, we also could never afford any negligence in acknowledging the services of the veterans,” he added. “I am sure, we all will be able to share our resources and energies more aggressively towards achieving our desired goals.

Success stories to come “With many wishes and ideals in mind,” Al Alsehali concluded, “I pray for complete success of the 21st AIPS Asia Congress and wish to be more gainful at the next forum when it comes to earning added feathers in our cap and success stories in the time to come. All the best to every friend and those too who are in waiting across the Asia continent to joining AIPS,” he said.



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