AIPS Asia introduces prestigious ‘Awards for Asia’ at Congress

by Amjad Aziz Malik, Secretary General, AIPS Asia

JEDDAH, September 24, 2018 – AIPS Asia made history at the 21st edition of its Congress in Saudi Arabia on Sunday with the introduction of its prestigious ‘Awards for Asia’.
The ‘Awards for Asia’ will be the perfect stage to recognize and celebrate the tremendous efforts of Asian athletes at the highest level of world sports.

The decision to introduce the annual Awards was unanimously approved by delegates at the close of the Congress. It was a perfect end to a fruitful gathering jointly organized by the Saudi Sports Media Federation (SSMF).

The first edition of the ‘Awards for Asia’ is expected to be held in the first quarter of 2019 and Malaysia has been given the honour of hosting the inaugural edition of the event.
The ‘Awards of Asia’ will honour Asia’s best in several categories, namely ‘Athlete of The Year’, ‘Asian Team of The Year’ and several other awards, including recognition for achievements in sports journalism in the region.

AIPS Asia President, Sattam Al-Sehali, welcomed the ‘Awards for Asia’ and described it as the best platform to solidify AIPS Asia’s status among the main stakeholders in Asian sports.
“The Awards will be the most meaningful recognition an athlete could receive, especially as it comes from sports journalists who have reported and documented the athletes’ journey towards sporting excellence,” said Sattam.

Sattam also announced that that AIPS Asia Vice-President, Ahmad Khawari Isa, who is the chairman of the Awards Committee, will oversee the Awards programme.
AIPS Asia will also induct Asian sporting legends into a newly created ‘Hall of Fame’ as part of the ‘Awards for Asia’ programme to ensure a proper archive of former Asian greats


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