Rugby regional tournament: DRC too strong than all challengers

By Parfait Nzeyimana

Burundi comes to host Ruby sevens regional tournament in the central zone. Four countries joined the competition, namery: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Congo Brazzaville, Lesotho and Burundi.

The games took place at “Tempête” field, nearest Tanganyika lake, from 29th to 30 september 2018. The 1rst match met Burundi and Lesotho. The latter won with 40-0 marks, after what DRC hardly defeated Congo Brazza 10-0

As far as semi-finals are concerned, Lesotho won its match before Congo Brazzaville (17-0) while Burundi lost all his chances by losing against DRC (10-7). At the end of the competition DRC, undoubtedly the best team of the tournament logically won the trophy by beating its challenger on 15-5 score. DRC got the 1srt place while Lesotho courageously occupied the 2nd place. Congo Brazzaville was the third. The last but not the least is Burundi who lost tough the classification game.

“It gave us to learn more about ”

“Congratulations for Burundian Rugby Union (BRU) for hosting this tournament.  It’s one of the biggest tournament we ever played”, said Litsitso Motseremeli, the coach of Lesotho rugby national team. BRU has done a good job, did he add. He thanks also Rugby Africa for giving Burundi opportunity to host them. It was a very tough game and that gave us to learn more about competition, did tell Mr Litsitso to journalists after the tournament.

Several challenges while travelling to Bujumbura

Lesotho rugby national team had to face several challenges while travelling to Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi. They have been obliged to leave behind a part of players because of flight troubles. They passed two nights in Johannesburg and Nairobi airports. Only 8 players tiredly joined Bujumbura International Airport and went directly to “Tempête” square to play their 1rst match. Even the coach has been obliged to enter to the field, players were so few.

The organizer country didn’t win any match

Burundi, the organizer country, unfortunately ended the competition without winning any match. “This is because we lack friendly matches to make sharp our players” did declare Mr Albert Havyarimana, the chairman of BRU.

Get ready for upcoming competitions

Teddy Tshisuala, the DRC national team manager on his part congratulated his players for the tremendous victory offered to their country. He urged them to go on improving their game so that they get ready for upcoming competitions.

For unknown reasons, two countries, Rwanda and Gabon, didn’t send their teams to Bujumbura despite the invitation.

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