FIBA Games Officials Licensing for 2019-2021 to launch in January

MIES – The FIBA Games Officials Licensing program for 2019-2021 will launch in January.

In its second edition, the program will continue to facilitate the candidate registration procedures of Games Officials (Referees and Commissioners) for National Federations and FIBA Regional Offices.

Originated in 2017, the initiative sets out to:

  • ensure the highest quality of refereeing in basketball;
  • meet the requirements of modern basketball officiating;
  • maximize the opportunities presented by FIBA’s New Competition System.

The regulatory framework for the licensing of game officials promotes excellence, professionalism as well as national and international development in refereeing.

The registration of candidates for the upcoming two-year period will open in January and National Federations will be required to complete the process by March 31.

The full list of FIBA licensed Game Officials will be announced at the latest by June 15.

Finalizing the FIBA Games Officials Licensing program for 2019-2021 prior to its launch in January was the main item on the agenda of a FIBA Global Refereeing Team meeting held earlier this month. Over the course of two days (November 6-7), the FIBA Referee Department staff and FIBA Regional Referee Managers also touched on other topics, including preparations for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019, officiating services for 2019 competitions and annual operation plans.

FIBA Head of Refereeing Carl Jungebrand said: “The preparations and implementations of the first-ever licensing period (2017-2019) proved challenging at times but also enabled us to learn valuable lessons. Thanks to our close collaboration with regional managers of regional offices, we are now better equipped for the FIBA Games Officials Licensing to run more smoothly for the period 2019-2021 and the program has been finetuned to be more effective and better aimed at the specific needs of the different regions.”

Click here for full information about the FIBA Games Officials Licensing.


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