General Meeting of the AJSB at the Maison de la Presse


By Thierry Niyungeko

The Association of Sports Journalists of Burundi, AJSB in acronym, organized this December 15, 2018, its ordinary General Assembly of members and various activities were held for this day.

Surrounded by the members of its committee, the president of the AJSB launches the activities of the ordinary General Assembly


In the meeting room of the Maison de la Presse, sports journalists met at the December meeting, a second for the year that passes as provided by the statutes of our association. the old and new who applied for their membership responded to the meeting which began around 9:15 minutes. Surrounded by its executive committee, President Liliane Nshimirimana launched the day’s activities by thanking the members who responded to her invitation. She then apologized for those who were prevented for various reasons.

In the conference room of the Maison de la Presse, a global view of the members of the Association of Sports Journalists of Burundi.


The items on the agenda are:

1. The achievements of the association for the year 2018.

2. The challenges.

3. Future prospects.

4. The accession of new members.

5. The various.


A football game between singles and married AJSB was delivered on the ground of the Institute of Applied Pedagogy (IPA). Although the singles largely dominated in the second half, the game ended with a both one goal score. to end the day’s activities, a reception was offered at the Ku Muganuro Bar where certificates of merit were awarded to the old wolves of our trade namely Tharcisse Tungabose, Theodore Ntunga and Rachid Alfred.

before crossing iron, the AJSB singles (in red) pose with the bride and groom (in white-blue) for the match which ended in a goal everywhere


*Achievements of the AJSB for 2018*


In accordance with the new law on non-profit associations, the AJSB has already adopted its regulations. Some alterations were made following the suggestions of the last General Assembly. “We then submitted to the National Council of Communication (CNC) which recognizes us as an Organization of Media Professionals (OPM)”, enchants Liliane Nshimirimana. in order to become a member of the Maison de la Presse, our association has deposited its statutes and has been recognized as a full member.

Ms. Nshimirimana is pleased to have submitted an annual report to the Ministry of the Interior after years without fulfilling this government requirement. She recalled the organization of the day of exchanges between the members of our association on April 13th, 2018, an activity that was sponsored by the company BRARUDI, our faithful partner who also supported us in the organization of this Assembly.

For the year 2018, the AJSB was able to participate:


– Moralization sessions given at the highest summit by the President of the Republic of Burundi.


– Workshops organized by the Maison de la Presse for media managers.


– The workshops of the Association of Women Journalists (AFJO) on the sensitization of the media in the consideration of Gender.


– The celebration of the international day of the radio where we reviewed the place of Sports in the media grids and how this section can generate revenue by reserving advertising space. the impact has been positive since media stations like Isanganiro, RFM and others have revised up the space they grant to sports programs in their programs.


– The Advanced Course in Sports Management organized by the National Olympic Committee (NOC) for the Secretary Generals of the member sports organizations.


– Our colleague Alain Majesté Barenga participated in the FIFA Congress held in Kigali.


– The President of the AJSB was invited to the Lomé FIFA Forum on the Forward project and the media professionals expressed the wish for capacity building because transparency must be de rigueur in the world body of football.


*Large support*


Mrs. Nshimirimana announced the support of the President of the Republic to our association which promised to finance the creation of a website of the AJSB, the annual rental of the office at the Maison de la Presse as well as the purchase of new jerseys. for the Sports Journalists team. “We offered him a budget of 5,500,000 BIF and to see the seriousness of our project, he asked us to seek 40% of this amount to transfer the remaining 60 on our account open to BANCOBU,” said Liliane Nshimirimana . For the moment, NOC President Lydia Nsekera has promised to fund 40% over the next week so that we can get the presidential promise.


*The challenges*


Among the challenges faced by the AJSB, the president cited the lack of sufficient funds to organize capacity building for members, most of whom are young people in the profession. There is also a problem related to the irregularity of contributions as well as projects submitted without feedback. In order to make up for this, Ms. Nshimirimana indicated that the AJSB intends to develop projects that take into account the gender factor. She announced the NOC’s promise to organize a training for thirty young members who will soon learn the fundamentals of sports journalism.


*The perspectives of the association*


In the near future, AJSB will open its new office, which is already available at the Maison de la Presse and set up its operational website. The association will continue with the follow-up of projects submitted in the capacity building of the members. In order to encourage its sports journalists, the AJSB intends to initiate the prize for a better production on the Sports, that in all the sections of the press. An award for Best Sportsman of the Year will be awarded to motivate athletes to improve their performance.


Before the various, about twenty new members who asked for their membership in the association came forward and the assembly proceeded by acclamation to validate those who are now members of the AJSB.



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