‘Good journalism will always get its reward’ – AIPS Awards and Congress highlight the hope of a profession

Erin Fish, AIPS Young Reporter, USA
LAUSANNE, January 31, 2019 – It is not a secret that the field of journalism is in a time of crisis. But with every crisis there is opportunity, which builds hope for the future generations.

The AIPS Awards and 82nd AIPS Congress that took place in Lausanne, Switzerland just last week presented hope for journalists and allowed the profession and the stories that come from within it to be celebrated around the world.

AIPS President Gianni Merlo began Congress proceedings in Olympic capital by expressing to those around him that there is indeed a crisis in journalism. While expressing an undeniable truth, he hoped that the week would bring together a group that could help to come together and move out of the time of crisis.

Looking to the future “What was the past, is the past,” Merlo said after the 82nd annual AIPS Congress concluded. “We have to look to the future and understand what we can do. For this reason, the AIPS Sport Media Awards are giving dignity to our work. The amount of submissions show that people believe in it and thus we have to continue at a high level. It is the answer to the world that we are not death.”

The 1,273 Awards submissions from around the world were narrowed down to 24 finalists who all received an award for their work. The ceremony held on the evening of January 21 at the Beau-Rivage Palace hotel in Lausanne was a great success, bringing many emotions.

Ghana’s Anas Aremayaw Anas was one of the most prominent speakers throughout the week – honored with the Special Award for investigative journalism, and invited to speak at the AIPS Congress to further share his story. While he stood in front of the crowd, faceless, he explained his story and how his work as an investigative reporter in a country filled with crime is of the utmost importance.

“Journalism is not a tea party,” Anas said. “It’s hard. The sooner we realize it the better. No matter how hard it gets we must persevere and shed light on society.”

Speaking out A little courage will go a long way. Igor Rabiner, a Russian journalist, received the first-place prize on Monday night in the Best Column category. ‘Athletes or Slaves? Rabiner Against Boycotting Olympics’, which gave his opinion on Russia’s threat to boycott the 2018 Winter Olympics.

“It is a great privilege to turn my passion into my profession,” Rabiner said. “But it also took a lot of courage to make this column a reality.”

Courage is exposing the facts. Investigative journalism is the future.

The reward Had Tim Evans, Marisa Kwiotkowski and Mark Alesia from Indianapolis Star not dug deeper to investigate the sexual abuse scandal with Larry Nassar and USA Gymnastics, who knows if the monster would still be practicing medicine at Michigan State University. The importance of good journalism is needed more than ever now.

Juan Ignacio Gallardo, the director of MARCA insisted that journalism is better than ever in a column he wrote about the AIPS Awards.

“Despite the delicate situation in its business model, this profession currently has the most powerful and sensational tools to be carried out,” Gallardo said. “Technology has opened a door to infinite. These awards contributed to showcase the good journalism, because there is something that is undisputable and it’s that good journalism always gets its reward.”

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