AIPS Africa President urges journalists to have independence of thought in testing times

Lawrencia Adjei AIPS Young Reporter Ghana
ACCRA, April 5, 2019 – ACCRA, April 5, 2019 – “Integrity is an attitude, cultivate it,” AIPS Africa President Mitchel Obi said while charging delegates at the 6thAIPS Africa Congress on Friday to show “independence of thought in their line of work”. This he says gives journalists the opportunity to find the right balance in the dissemination of information.

Respecting principles In a time when clicks and trends have taken over from primetime news.   In an era where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms have become the hub for breaking news and a source of information for many. The roots of journalism are shaken and its leaves are withering. This has led to developing strategies to be able to keep up with the trends while respecting the principles of journalism.

Independence Leading the discussion on Sports Journalism in Africa, Obi reminded delegates of how important integrity is a within the AIPS fold. According to him, “every professional journalist must strive at every time to maintain certain independence. It is that independence that gives you integrity. Integrity is an attitude cultivate it, integrity is an attitude build it and building it means doing the right things as a professional”.

He also implored delegates to desist from acts that will force them to compromise their independence and integrity.

Technology On the effective use of social media, President Obi advised delegates to change with times and learn how to use these new resources in their line of work. “Technology does not mean that you abandon the elements of journalism which we are used to. Technology help facilitate. Even in the course of breaking news at any time, we have to respect the principal elements of the business – check facts, verify for the story’s authenticity and make sure there is always a balance in the reportage,” the AIPS Africa President advised.

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