Hong Kong Sevens 2019: Fiji look to create history with fifth title in a row

Ritah Aliguma, AIPS Africa EC Member
HONG KONG, April 6, 2019 – The Fiji Men’s National Rugby Sevens Team are in Hongkong to create history again as they dream of winning a 5th straight Hong Kong Sevens title. So far in the current series, the defending champions have not lost any game.

Extraordinary passion Speaking to Rocky Ali Buksh, the Publisher and CEO of USA Fiji Times, he emphasized: “Rugby flows in the blood of all Fijians, they all support rugby with extraordinary passion. The team has so much enthusiasm and only aims at winning games.”

Fiji’s fan base at the Hong Kong Stadium is overwhelming and it grows bigger every year such that one wonders how the growth is maintained.

“Fans are many and maintained because the team does not let its people down. They have the winning spirit. It’s prestigious to anyone who comes to Hong Kong to watch Fiji play and, of course, win. Fiji also has very many people who play rugby and play well. I have seen people sell their cars, cows, any form of property or save particularly to come for the Sevens, that’s how much Fijians are crazy about the team,” Buksh explained. He also added that almost everyone in Fiji owns the team’s jersey, which is expensively sold at about 100USD.

Winning is a norm Wales-born Fiji head coach Gareth Baber expressed excitement at his side’s performance even as he boasted that winning is a norm for his team.

“Fiji is the best team and yes we came to win the fifth straight in Hong Kong, my players played with so much resilience, we were prepared enough and yes we deserve the wins because we work hard for this good performance,” he said.

At the ongoing Hongkong Sevens, Fiji beat Kenya, Australia, and then New Zealand in Pool C to qualify for the quarter-finals where they will face Argentina on Sunday. On the World Series standings, USA is ranked number one with 113 points, in second is New Zealand with 106 points while Fijji has 101 points in the third position.

Young Reporters Meanwhile, the Young Reporters in camp had a great and memorable experience covering the prestigious Hong Kong Sevens as they also learnt more about photography and the rules of covering such an international game at the Hong Kong Stadium.

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