Morally indebted to the Gitega community, Warren Chebby supports his football academy

By Thierry Niyungeko

Morally indebted to the Gitega community, Warren Chebby supports his football academy

At Ingoma Stadium in Gitega, where the children of the academy of Burundi’s new political capital trained on May 2, 2019, Warren Chebby, who lives in Great Britain, distributed nearly a hundred football boots.

At 16:30, the car on which Warren Chebby and his three friends were, arrived in the premises of the Ingoma Stadium in Gitega. At the hood, three large bags containing soccer shoes for children were unloaded to route them to their beneficiaries. After two hours of waiting since we should arrive at 14:30 ‘, the children attended the training session of the club Aigle Noir. Seeing Warren Chebby whom they affectionately call Manager and his company, the joy is perceptible on their faces. After greeting the staff of the team training this afternoon, Warren gets the half-pitch of the synthetic grass to give the donation he has made for the children of the Gitega Academy. A fitness trainer by profession, he first directed warm-up sessions that delighted young footballers for about thirty minutes.

Before receiving their shoes, the children of the Gitega football academy in full training session.

In the language of Shakespeare, Warren Chebby warmly thanked his friends in Britain for helping him collect all the material he has already brought to the children, citing Sir Allen, Alex, Kim Cardinal and all his friends in Portsmouth that he salutes in person.

Support provided for five years already

On site, children wore swimsuits almost new that Warren Chebby had recently brought them in the fall for which he had given school materials to all the children of the Gitega football academy. the young captain of the tiny Democrat Uwizeye is delighted with all the support that Warren Chebby brings to all his teammates who salute this good initiative that encourages and stimulates them in the practice of the ball. “Even parents motivate us to attend this academy through the discipline we are taught and the gifts of our Manager Warren,” he enthuses.

The officials of this academy plan to enroll one of their teams in the provincial championship of Gitega. “We will be a strong team selected from the 60 children we plan to build licenses to protect their careers,” warns Idi Moussa, president of this young academy. in the coaching of this youth, the president is supported by coaches Majaliwa Nzeyimana and his assistant Désiré Haguma who has recently followed grassroots coaching training which is grassroots football.

A moral debt towards the town of Gitega

Asked why he chosed to support the Gitega football academy when there are other children in need, Warren Chebby says he is indebted to the community of Gitega who saw him grow up at the time. his secondary studies. Recognizing the good education he received in his youth, Chebby believes that this second city of the country has given him everything because it is thanks to the intelligence he has acquired that he manages to manage where he is going to the world. he remembers the good old days when he played for the Zebra club, the former glory of Gitega football and the lack of adapted equipment pushed him to help young people who, in time, were like him. “That’s why I opted to help the children because everything done to them is never lost,” he says.

Physical trainer in England who collaborates with academies of young people, Warren Chebby does not trouble to find the equipment that he brings to the children of Gitega. “As I have good contacts there, I explained to them the under-equipment that prevails in the country and asks them to give us the second-hand equipment that we collect and I am responsible for forwarding them so far”, he says.

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