TOGO/ ASCK wins the Premier League

By Kodjo ,Aips Member

The football Premier League of Togo is now ended. The ASCK FC is the champion; for its first ever time. It is a true achievement for this club that arrived in the elite division only 2 seasons behind.

It was a huge and tremendous commitment for the club and its players. To win this Premeier League, sacrifices and hardwork were requested and the story of this achievement clearly shows that it has not been easy at all.

The stats are suggestive. ASCK won 14 matches, had 5 draws and was defeated 7 times. The total points at the end of the season is 47 and the team scored 33 goals against 18.

Three stages describe the ASCK season. The first one has been a victorious one. During the firt part of the season, the club succeeded in winning two matches over three ans thus appeared in a good place in the rankinh.

The second stage was worryful. As one of the members oh the club’s staff commented, it was simply as if a connection was damaged within the battery of the lorry. No more victories, a lot of draws and defeats so that everyone got worried and skeptical. The head coach, Kabore Bouraima of Burkina-Faso even quitted the club because of misunderstandings.

Fortunately, the difficult time ended and ASCK become once again a conquerant. Victories came back alongside with smile and hope. A 4-0 win over Maranatha, the dolphin, concluded this third stage. At that time, it seemed obvious that anything could hamper ASCK to win its first title of Premier league champion.

“We thank God for the title. I also express my acknowledgement to the founder of ASCK El Hadj Amah Cherif for his commitment and investments. It was not easy but the most important thong is tha this season we change into reality the dream of our president”, said Kassim Guyazou, the head coach of ASCK.

Nane Richard, the captain, stressed on the hardwork that has been done to allow this brilliant success. “I am very happy because we win the Premier League. During the season, the task was tough and it needed courage and huge commitment. Fortunately, we do benefit drom the experience of Mani Sapol, the former international player. His presence in the team has been particularly determinant”, he said.

ASCK was createf in 1997. It was a club said to represent the taxi and trucks’ drivers of Kara, the third city of Togo, 423 km in the north of Lomé.
ASCK will seemingly represent Togo in the coming Africa champions’ league. Maranatha de Fiokpo, the second in the final ranking, could be at the top stard of the CAF Confederation Club.
As aftermaths of this Premier league formed of 14 clubs and played in 26 days, the clubs of Gbikinti and Foadan ranked at the two last places are condemned to join the second fivision next season.

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