Burundi-Volleyball / The national team finally unveiled

By Liliane Nshimirimana

After five years of absence in international competitions, the national men’s volleyball team resumes service on Monday, June 10, 2019. This will be in favor of preparation for the appointment that will challenge the Intamba mu rugamba Volleyball in the African Nations Championship to be held in Tunis from 19 to 29 July 2019.

National coach Claver Ngendakumana aka Barbare in collaboration with his deputy Cassien Kabura has revealed the 18 players selected to make the composition of the national team.

On this list of 18 are four players playing in Rwanda in the UTB, Gisagara and Kirehe teams, six (6) are from the team Friendly Sports of Bujumbura (ASB) which is the champion team of the Association of volley ball in the economic capital Bujumbura at the moment five (5) come from the vice champion of the Association of Bujumbura who is Rukinzo of the Burundi National Police, two play for the team of Bujumbura City Hall BUN and a of GACOSMOS, the new team in the championship of Bujumbura.

The coach said that training days are set on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the grounds of the Ministry of Sports and Culture said Sports Department.
You will know that the Muzinga team that has won several titles in the different championships has no player in this selection.

The list of 18 selected players:

The smugglers

1. Patrick Bizimungu of Rukinzo

2. Briand Mugabowingabo of the Bujumbura Sportsmen’s Club

3. Axel Muhoza of the Bujumbura Sports Club

Central offices
1. Olivier Ntisumbwa from Bujumbura Uwezo wa Ndani
2. Eric Ndayipfukamiye from Rukinzo
3. Paterne Dukundane of the Bujumbura Sports Club
4. Hugues Igiraneza from Rukinzo
5. Gadiel Muyuku from UTB in Rwanda

The attackers-receivers
1. Yvan Dukundane from Gisagara in Rwanda
2. Evrard Irangabiye of Rukinzo
3. Irangabiye dolphin of the Bujumbura Sportsmen’s Association
4. Pacific Iradukunda of UTB in Rwanda
5. Donald Beruburundi of GACOSMOS

The advanced attackers
1. Dr. Sixte Nderagakura of the Bujumbura Sports Club
2. Richard Niyongabo from Rukinzo
3. Niyongabo Son of Kirehe VB Club in Rwanda

The Liberos
1. Alain Muvunyi the Bujumbura Sportsmen’s Friendly
2. John of God Irankunda of Bujumbura Uwezo wa Ndani

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