Sport press associations of Mali and Burkina Faso sign partnership agreement

BAMAKO, August 10, 2019 – Invited by Sport Press Association of Burkina Faso (AJSB), a delegation of 25 journalists from the Sport Press Association of Mali (AJSM) visited Bobo Dioulasso from August 3rd to 5th. During this stay, the two associations attended the final of the 26th AJSB Super Cup, before AJSM President Oumar Baba Traoré and AJSB president Jerôme Tiendrébeogo signed a partnership agreement between the two associations. A major first in the annals of African sports journalism. Fixed for a period of two years, this partnership agreement stipulates that the two associations undertake to welcome and facilitate the work of any sports journalist who is a member of the AJSB in Mali and the AJSM in Burkina Faso.

Each association also undertakes to invite at least two members of the other association at least once a year to participate in one of its activities. A common communication platform will be set up and each party will do its utmost to include its members in order to share experiences and strengthen friendship and work relationship.

The presidents of the AJSB and the AJSM welcomed the signing of the partnership, which is a historic event and will be recorded in the annals of the AIPS Africa. For Oumar Baba Traoré, Burkina Faso is the country of Malian sports journalists, just as Mali is the country of Burkinabe journalists. “From now, the AJSB and the AJSM will be one association,” he said before thanking the president of the Burkinabe Football Federation, Colonel Major Sita Sangaré for his sponsorship.

Sponsorship thanks to Colonel Major Sita Sangaré (President of the Burkinabe Football Federation)

The signing of the partnership agreement was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of Colonel Major Sita Sangaré, President of the Burkinabe Football Federation, who covered the travel and accommodation costs of all the members of the Malian delegation. By doing so, the Colonel Sangaré believes he is working for Burkinabe football. “Helping Burkina Faso’s sports journalists means helping the leaders of the Burkinabe Football Federation to get more visibility of their actions. Because the journalist offers visibility and highlights what is often done very discreetly. We can’t talk about something we don’t know. So we want sports journalists to have the right information because we always tell ourselves that when a journalist speaks or writes it is not always in bad faith. So, in relation to that, it is good to support these journalists,” he argued.

While welcoming this collaborative initiative of the two associations, Colonel Major Sita Sangaré believes it is a way to cultivate friendship and fraternity. “The peoples of Mali and Burkina Faso are from the same Republic. We live together in peace and harmony. And for me, coming to Bobo Dioulasso is a great act that the AJSM has done and it’s an honor for us,” he said. According to Colonel Sangaré Bobo is a football city, an open African city. ” Burkinabe people love Mali, they love Malians. Malians also like Burkinabe people. President Sankara said, “If you love your people, you must love other people. Burkinabe and Malians have to to love each other,” he continued.

Colonel Major Sita Sangaré also prayed that the next election of Malian Football Federation would go well so that Mali, which was a great football nation, could have legitimate structures that could work with the Burkinabe Football Federation. “We will see with Malian Football Federation to what extent we can support the actions of sports journalists in Mali. I think this is very important. In any case, we will make it our duty to be a spokesperson for this. As far as we at the Burkinabe Football Federation are concerned, we are not closed to building cooperation,” he said.

The Sonabel trophy

After the signing of the agreement, Malian journalists attended the 26th final of the AJSM Super Cup, which pitted the Rahim Ouédraogo Football Club (Rahimo FC) against AS Sonabel (Société nationale burkinabé d’électricité). And it was the electricians who won the trophy by winning on penalties shout out 4-3 after a one-goal draw at time up. The winner received 2 million CFA francs in addition to the trophy compared to 1 million CFA francs for Rahimo FC.

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