Past and future of AIPS Africa cohabit in new Casablanca headquarters

The Executive Committee of AIPS Africa today called on the Royal Moroccan Golf Federation which was chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid.

RABAT, 2019-Located on the ground floor of a building on 7 Mohamed Smiha Street, the headquarters are composed of the president’s office, a fully-equipped meeting room of about fifty seats decorated with the flags of all member countries, a writing room equipped with 10 computers and internet access, and a front desk.

As the executive committee members of AIPS Africa entered the association’s new headquarters in Casablanca on Tuesday August 21, they were in awe of its attractiveness.

Since it was transferred from the Congolese capital Kinshasa to Casablanca by the decision of the 2005 AIPS Africa Congress, the association’s headquarters have never been this modern.

This new look was made possible thanks to Morocco’s sacrifice and partners support. “We received funding from the National Initiative for Human development (INDH) that allowed us to renovate the premises. And all the computers and equipments we have here have been offered by the Sport Minister through the COJAR,” AIPS vice president Morad El Moutaouakil said.

A “glad and proud” AIPS Africa president, Mitchell Obi could not silence his feelings. “My congratulations and appreciation to the Sports Press Association of Morocco and to our Moroccan brothers for the kind gesture and leading the acquisition and renovation of the office,” Mr. Obi said.

According to the AIPS Africa president, the opening of the office was a great day of joy for the Association. “This office reflects the history of the Association as its first president was from Morocco whilst my first entry into the executive committee of AIPS was conducted here,” he reminded the Executive members.

AIPS Africa members have been urged to feel at home in this space. “This headquarters are open to all sport journalists, feel free to come anytime you want in this place,” Mr. Obi said.

AIPS Africa is also working on a partnership with hotels and airlines to make travel and work conditions easier for its members

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AIPS AFRICA Executive Committee members at the Royal Golf Club Rabat in a special facility visit.. Tuesday Afternoon.

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