Mustapha Berraf defends his balance sheet


Salam Alaikoum to all those who work tirelessly for the glory and development of Algerian sport.

I wish you a happy Eid celebration, accompanied by all my wishes for health and all those who slandered and insulted me, me and the magnificent association that I had the privilege of presiding over, I will humbly ask them to do better, I will only be happier. the general interest and the success of our athletes have always been our all those who criticized me while thinking of doing it objectively, I forgive them and assure them of all my respect, because the perfect only exists in Le Almighty. COA’s assessment must, however, be rightly considered, because it is accompanied by exceptional achievements recognized worldwide, of which I will list some of them.

The Olympic Museum and the Algerian Olympic Academy facing from the top of their 11 floors to the Harcha hall, the magnificent seat of the Mediterranean Games in Oran, which overlooks the port, the construction of Ben Aknoun, seat of the2018 African Youth Games and the COA headquarters, spread over 6,900 m2, where two buildings are rehabilitated for one and entirely constructed for the other.

The total value of these properties is estimated at more than 255 billion cents and constitutes an incomparable heritage. the Tikjda stadium and the rehabilitation of the 300-bed building in the midst of the dark decade illustrate, could not be better, the efforts made by the COA and its long-term vision to, on the one hand, allow the economy of foreign currency to our country and ,on the other hand, favor and promote its magnificent sites.o Masterworks offered to the authorities at their request.

The realizationof the olympafrica complex in Tazrout (Tamanrasset) spread over more than five hectares and whose earthworks have been completed for a value of 7 billion, without paying a single penny and which, I hope, will one day be finished.
to that, I will remind the 104 Algerian athletes benefiting from an Olympic scholarship, the 24 sports halls which benefited from covering and rehabilitation across the country and which were totally deteriorated without counting the acquisitionwith our colleagues from the African NOCs and the Mediterranean Basin for their votes for the 2007 African Games, the 2018 African Youth Games and the Oran Mediterranean Games for 2021.may I be given the opportunity today to thank them warmly.may I also be given the opportunity to express my gratitude to the ANOCA General Assembly and its leaders for having granted the COA an envelope of $ 2 million to support us, including $ 540,000 directly to CNOsAfricans and thus encourage massive participation.the IOC and our marketing partners are also to be thanked for their permanent and unwavering support which has enabled us to finance Algerian participation in all major events since 2014 in harmony with the public authorities.

May the IOC President, Dr Thomas Bach, and his team be thanked for their visit to Algeria, as well as all the Presidents of the International Federations and other world, African and regional leaders for their differencescontributions.

I cannot thank enough all the colleagues on the executive committee and the general assembly of the COA for the confidence they have placed in me and for having made their contributions to these great works that we have achieved together. they enabled us to achieve a rate of achievement of almost 100% of the objectives and above all the respect for exceptional cohesion despite the pressures they suffered.

The supports brought to the Algerian sport are so numerous that it is difficult for me to enumerate them, salaries of the Algerian trainers and foreigners with the equipment of the complex of Souidania in various rooms of various sports with the room ofstate-of-the-art bodybuilding, as well as its health center to modernize the functioning of our associations and our Olympic programs.

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