AIPS Seminar ‘The Cost of Reporting while Female’: second speakers announcement

LAUSANNE, July 17, 2020 – A second group of renowned speakers has proudly accepted to take the virtual stage during the first AIPS digital seminar entitled “The Cost of Reporting while Female”. From correspondents and columnists from the written press to TV experts, academics and officers of gender departments, this second mosaic of panelists will discuss emerging ideas and local developments from every part of the world, stressing once more the aim of the event, which has been conceived to give prominence to the conditions of women in sports journalism.

FORMAT The event is structured into four sessions, each one addressing four tentative topics: UNDERREPRESENTATION (July 21); THE FORGOTTEN (July 23); PAY GAP (July 28); THE GENDER BACKLASH (July 30).

SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE  AIPS has also pset up a space where participants can share privately their personal experience of gender discrimination. All they have to do is to put their story into words (maximum of 150) and share it with AIPS by sending an email to Some of the stories may become subject of discussion during the sessions.

The Sessions will last around 120 minutes each and will be held via, featuring renowned speakers. English will be the language of the event, but AIPS has also provided a simultaneous interpreting service in Arabic, French and Spanish accessible via the app for smartphones Interprefy.

Open to men and women from every part of the world, the seminar awards those who will take part in all the sessions with a Certificate of Participation issued by AIPS.

Here is the second speakers announcement:

Emanuela Audisio – Special Correspondent, La Repubblica (Italia)

Rana Ayyub – Global Opinions Writer, The Washington Post (India)

Sabina Karki – Journalist, Kantipur Tv (Nepal)

Pamela Moriniere – Head Of Communications & Campaigns Department Gender Officer, International Federation Of Journalists (Belgium)

Rica Roy – Deputy Editor, NDTV (India)

Maria Ángeles Samperio Martín – Editor El Diario Montañes, President Of The Gender Council International Federation Of Journalists (Spain)

Georgina Ruiz Sandoval – Sports Journalist (Mexico)

Viviana Vila – Sports Journalist, Tv Commentator, University Lecturer at Uiversidad Nacional De La Plata (Argentina)

REGISTRATION: To register for the AIPS seminar, click HERE.

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