Simultaneous interpretation available for the AIPS seminar ‘The cost of reporting while female’

LAUSANNE, July 18, 2020 – Following the successful organization of the first AIPS e-College from April to June and then the e-Conference to celebrate the World Sports Journalists Day as well as the anniversary of AIPS on July 2, a new initiative is set to commence next Tuesday, July 21 with an exciting new feature aimed at improving our culture, engagement and awareness.
For the first time this year, AIPS will provide remote simultaneous interpretation in English, French, Spanish and Arabic for participants of its digital seminar entitled “The cost of reporting while female” using Interprefy. The four-part seminar, focused on tackling the challenges of women working in the media, is open to all journalists regardless of gender.
FOUR SESSIONS The event is structured into four sessions, each one addressing four topics: UNDERREPRESENTATION (July 21); THE FORGOTTEN (July 23); PAY GAP (July 28); THE GENDER BACKLASH (July 30).  For the first session the panel will be enriched by Donna De Varona (USA), Inas Mazhar (Egypt), Tracey Holmes (Australia), Marìa Angeles Samperio Martìn (Spain), Viviana Vila (Argentina), Wakako Yuki (Japan).
INTERPREFY Some of our panelists will give their speeches in Arabic, French or Spanish and in the second part of the seminar the floor will be open for the participants to ask questions or share their experience, so we urge every participant to connect to the Zoom meeting via computer and download the Interprefy app on their mobile phones.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD The app ‘Interprefy’ is available for Mac or Android systems so depending on your mobile phone you can download the Interprefy App for free from App store or Google Play.

To use the service bring your smartphone and earphones with you.
Connect your earphones to your smartphones and open the Interprefy App.
Enter the token: AIPSmedia
Choose your preferred language between English, French, Spanish or Arabic and then press CONNECT.
If disconnected, please press CONNECT again.
Enjoy live simultaneous interpretation of the event.

Click here to register for the event

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