Gabonese AGPSI reflects on basics of journalism in important seminar

Rodrigue Bekale – President of AGPSI

LAMBARENE, September 10, 2020 – The Gabonese Independent Sport Press Association (AGPSI) has organised a seminar on the theme “Gabonese sports journalism and the demand for quality, a return to the basics in a competitive context”.

Through this seminar, which began on Tuesday at the Hotel Les Sirènes de Lambaréné, the AGPSI is seeking to promote quality and professionalism in sports journalism.

According to the President of AGPSI Rodrigue Bekalé, a sports journalist must invest more to reach excellence in terms of quality and culture, which are of high demand. Hence, “it’s important that journalists highlight the basic principles of our profession,” Bekalé said.

Former sports journalist Abel Mimongo was invited to share his experience and knowledge about reporting in written press. He gave a round up on editorial style, the role of the press, the investments in sport journalism, as well as the laws and regulations that govern the profession.

In addition to that, the seminar also dedicated a session to the medical terminology that professionals might have to use in their reports. Dr. Mouyopa, together with the representative of the president of Gabonese Football Federation, Pierre Alain Mounguengui, spoke to the reporters about the importance of medical check-ups at the beginning of the season for football players, touching topics such as the pre-competition check-up and the e-cardiogram exam to avoid sudden deaths due to heart attack.

The orientation on football related topics is because the seminar is organised in partnership with the Gabon Football Federation. GFF’s national technical director Mr Raphaël Nzamba Nzamba, who led the last session, spoke about the history of the playing systems that several generations of Gabonese national teams went through. He pointed out that the playing system doesn’t guarantee victory because it is up to the men who animate the system to make it successful.

He also thanked the AGPSI for organising the seminar:

“This seminar allows professionals operating in football to be familiar with the vocabulary, in order to make their analysis using the appropriate lexicon,” Mr Nzamba concluded.

The seminar, which will last for the whole week will be an occasion to talk about the AIPS Sport Media Awards, in order to encourage sports journalists from Gabon to participate in this initiative, which is also promoting excellence in sport journalism.

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