Head of Sudanese Women’s Football Committee Mervat Hussein: The women’s football project is my weapon to win a second round in elections

KHARTOUM, October 30, 2021 – The head of the Women’s Football Committee, Mervat Hussien, has revealed the reasons that led her to run for the upcoming Football Association elections again in the capacity of the Women’s Committee set to happen on November 13, 2021.

STRONG VISION, Mervat confirmed that she will run for the second round in elections, as she is determined to follow through with her vision in supporting women away from any competing electoral campaigns in the same category. Mervat is the first woman to win a woman’s seat in the Sudanese Football Association, in the 2017 elections.

Mervat Hussein said: “I am nominated and my motivation to win is the efforts I have presented in my duty to start from scratch in the women’s football project in Sudan, bringing the women’s football league to light, It is an effort that I hope will be appreciated and taken into consideration.”

On the other hand, Mervat Hussein wrote on her Facebook page: “I submitted my nomination for a second round in the Football Association to complete what I started with the Women’s Football Committee.” And she stated: “It is an effort that I hope will find attention and consideration.”


  • 700 new female footballer were registered, 27 new clubs were registered to be an addition to the old
  • clubs, Al-Tahadi FC and Al-Madfajieh FC.
  • The participation of 23 clubs to compete in the Women’s League, and succeeded to organise two great seasons for the Sudanese Women’s Football League.
  • Qualification of 38 female football trainers who are graduates from the schools of physical education.
  •  Training of 10 female strength and conditioning coaches, 6 medical and rehabilitation staff, and training of 23 administrators.
  • The inauguration of the first women’s team in the history of Sudanese football, and its participation externally for the first time in the Arab Women’s Cup in Egypt.
  • First-time continental participation in a game against Algeria last week.

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