Tergat calls on African sports scribes to play leading role in fight against bad governance in sports

NAIROBI, December 19, 2017 – Two-time Olympic silver medallist and National Olympic Committee of Kenya President Paul Tergat has urged sports scribes in Africa to play a leading role in the flight against bad governance and cheating in sports.

Speaking during the ongoing AIPS Congress at a Nairobi hotel, Tergat called on sports scribes to carry on the fight to protect and build sports in the continent.

“We have to continue talking and standing firm against things that can destroy what we have tirelessly worked so hard to build over the years. Vices such as corruption and doping immediately come to mind,” said Tergat.

Tergat said doping is such a dark spot in our sporting scene locally and globally. “This is why, among other goals, it is high on my agenda as the President of NOCK. It’s something that I have been against as an athlete and will be steadfast to fight as an administrator. believe, just as you have done before, that you the media will equally be on hand in this noble fight, including protecting clean sports people.

For now, it is my desire that even as we plan for the upcoming major international assignments, we are going to witness athletes who compete fairly and clean.”

“I am going, together with my Team at NOCK to collaborate robustly with various agencies mandated to combat cheating in sports. Education and awareness is one of the most effective means and we shall exploit this window fully,” said Tergat.

Addressing journalists from the over 30 countries at the Congress yesterday, the NOCK supremo recognized the important role sports journalists play to promote, publicize and preserve the sanctity of sport.

“I am a product of the sports media who covered my numerous races and told my

story, wrote and broadcasted to the world my joys and, even disappointments,” Tergat said.

Tergat also underscored the need to enhance and diversify our sports that we game and win medals at the Olympics, starting with the Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 Olympics.

Steps towards making this a reality have already kicked off with the recent

launch of our first ever Marketing and Fundraising Commission. With you, my friends in the media as partners, I believe we shall be able to mobilize sufficient resources to enable us build a formidable Team Kenya from various sports in future Olympics,” he went on.

“Let me reserve more about NOCK for another platform since today is your day.

I wish all the Candidates the best at the elections today and congratulations to your President Mitchell Obi, who I understand is unopposed.”

Tergat added that he id interested to know the resolutions that will come from Nairobi 2017 congress, “because as I mentioned, I value the input of sports media.”At Nock we have a media commission that members of SJAK are part of.”

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